The tyranny is closing in fast now, yet most people are still clueless. Too scared to think for themselves. And even if they have realised that something is desperately wrong with the way the so-called “pandemic” is being handled, they are too scared to say anything.

If you are familiar with my articles, you’ll remember my encounter with “Wave One” in a regional Woolworths store a few years ago. “Wave One” was apparently the implementation of a loss prevention program in Woolworths stores, however it was abundantly clear that it was the first step in a more comprehensive surveillance program. Please read my article on that here. You’ll remember that I was left pondering the following –

“Wave One” of what I wonder? Will “Wave Two” be the actual implementation of such an aggressive surveillance policy? Is “Wave One” just a trial run to see how people will react to it?

I have now discovered what “Wave Two” is, and I was correct. It has taken them four years to make their next move, but last night I discovered that “Wave Two” really is the ACTUAL implementation of a policy where “all transactions are recorded”. LITERALLY RECORDED. Back at the same Woolworths store in regional NSW, I was confronted with surveillance cameras at the self-checkout. No, I’m not talking about cameras mounted on the ceiling directed in the general area of the self-checkouts. No, I’m talking about individual cameras on each self-checkout machine, pointing directly at the customer. Each new self-checkout machine has an integrated camera at the top – just like on a laptop – and there is a window in the top right hand corner of the screen where you can see yourself, in real time.

Livid about this dystopian and unjustifiable invasion of my privacy, I called the supervisor over. I was told that if I didn’t like it I should go to a checkout with an actual cashier. I asked to see a manager. I was told that “people are less likely to steal things if they have a mirror in front of them“. I was then assured – “… but they aren’t recording you!“. “They might not be recording me tonight, but they will probably be recording me next month“. And as usual, when I used the term “police state” all I got was smirks and giggles of ridicule.

God knows how much money has been spent on installing these completely new and unnecessary machines. But what about an actual mirror? If people really do respond positively to the implied surveillance of a “mirror” then why not just use an actual mirror? Would that not have been a much more financially justifiable decision? A couple of dollars per self-checkout rather than probably thousands for each new self-checkout unit?

So there’s the giveaway that there is a much more insidious plan for these cameras. They’ll tell us, yet again, that they are part of a “loss prevention program”, but you don’t have to be too bright to work out what they are for. There are already plenty of ceiling-mounted cameras that can catch people putting items in their bag without scanning them. And in fact the new cameras cannot capture theft because they are trained on your face, not your hands. They are the first step in biometric control of shopping. Linking your biometrics (facial recognition, and then iris scanning and fingerprinting) to your credit card and eventually to the social credit score database. If you are an “approved” citizen you can have your food and other services. If you are “unapproved” you will be denied food, services and everything else.

Eventually you will have to scan your microchipped hand in order to buy anything or go anywhere. Physical money will no longer exist and your digital funds will be cut off anytime the “powers that shouldn’t be” determine that you are “unapproved”. The central database will determine if you can live your life. I alluded to this dystopian future in my recent article here. The central database will be controlled by AI so good luck in trying to appeal your “unapproved” status. I recently discovered just how corrupt the current legal system is – and it is still run by actual people! Once it is largely controlled by AI, there will be no hope of genuine redress once you have been demoted to the status of “the unapproved”.

My education on how corrupt the legal system is goes like this –

I recently received a driving infringement which I considered to be unjust. A mobile phone camera caught me turning off my Bluetooth, but I was charged with “Driver use mobile phone when not permitted”. (Discussing the wording of that offence is a whole article in itself and I’ll leave that for another day.) I am electro-sensitive and I only have Bluetooth on when I am driving and there is a strong chance that my son may need to contact me. That particular day I had forgotten to turn the Bluetooth function off on my phone. Long story short, I started to feel unwell, turned off my Bluetooth, was photographed holding my phone and sent an infringement.

I ended up in court trying to have an adult conversation with the magistrate about the specific safety aspects of my case and the fact that I was not “using” my mobile phone. On a dual carriage motorway there are no pedestrians and no chance of me straying into the path of an oncoming car, so I did not pose a great safety risk to anyone during the two or three seconds it took to turn off Bluetooth. It was a valuable experience because my naivete led me to witness the corrupt Freemason Protection Racket in action. Yes, that is my new term for our so-called “legal system”: the politico-legal system within which we are all enslaved. I witnessed the method by which the whole politico-legal system privileges “the few” and oppresses “the many”.

I witnessed case after case where people prostrated themselves to a person who acted like, and was treated like, a God. Case after case, people grovelled, metered out their most private vulnerabilities, and outlined their dire financial and health secrets – all in an attempt to get the magistrate’s “favour”. All in an attempt to get some leniency from a person who they didn’t know and to whom they owed nothing. It was sickening to watch the charade. Case after case, they prostrated themselves and in return the magistrate gave them a series of reprimands and stern warnings, and eventually a modicum of leniency.

Apparently it is well known that you must treat the magistrate like a God, saying “Yes Sir, no Sir, three bags full Sir”, and agree to every statement and direction made by this person – even when patently false or detrimental – and in return you are rewarded with a miniscule amount of leniency. This charade keeps the “legal system” bloated with cases, it keeps magistrates and court staff in jobs, and it therefore keeps the whole system generously funded by taxpayer dollars. That day I saw case after case proving that this is how the system works.

However that day I also saw two cases stand out in contrast to this script. One, a younger male who was a drug addict, and two, mine. I did not grovel or prostrate myself to this person looking down on me from above. I simply tried to discuss the FACTS of my case like a couple of adults should be able to do. However, part way into my outlining of the facts, I was rudely interrupted. The person looking down on me from above spoke over me so I could not understand what he had said. When he angrily repeated himself I realised that I was being offered a bribe. “Do you want to do a traffic offender course?“. Not a question about the facts I was outlining, no, not even an attempt to engage with me in a discussion, no, but a complete change of direction AWAY from the facts of my case. Indeed a complete obfuscation of the facts and a return to the usual scenario which is you do as I say and there will probably be some leniency.

I made some comments and asked some questions, as I believed I had the right to do – “I’m sorry, I don’t know what a traffic offender course is” and “Could you please explain the implications for me if I do the course and if I don’t do the course“. Such insolence is clearly rare and was not appreciated. After being given a brochure to learn what a traffic offender course is, I determined that there would be no benefit for me to do the course. I do not drink and drive, I do not do drugs, and I have previously completed several advanced driver training programs – all of the aspects of driving that the course covered. The person looking down on me from above was gobsmacked when I eventually declined his bribe.

Long story short, I was read the riot act about how I had treated the law and the court with contempt. The person looking down on me from above informed me that he should suspend my licence for my lack of remorse for posing such a serious risk to other drivers. My fine was increased by $101 without explanation, and a raft of other court levies were added to my fine – also without explanation – so that I now owe nearly double the original fine. This in contrast to most other cases that day where the fines were reduced because the guilty grovelled.

In contrast yet again is the case of the drug addict. And here is where the corrupt Freemason Protection Racket became clearly visible. The tone and manner of the person looking down on us from above changed dramatically when this young man’s case was heard. This young man had a history of drugs and driving – far more dangerous offences than any of the other cases heard that day. However, all we heard from the person looking down on us from above was a long list of the great achievements of this young man, his genuine attempt to rid himself of his habit, his pathology results showing a “clean” record for X number of months, etc.

The piece de resistance came when the person looking down on us from above came to read his conclusion – the young man will get a small amount of leniency but will still have to serve a short suspension period for his crime. Of course, justice had to be “seen” to be done. The young man then began his pre-agreed grovelling, after which the person looking down on us from above ACTUALLY said the following – “Well, sometimes it pays for a person to continue talking, to continue to plead their case“. The whole charge was then dismissed. It was a pre-orchestrated charade like no other. Clearly the young man had either recently joined the local lodge or he knew a freemason in it. I’ve heard about this network before, I know of other cases where similar agreements have been made, and I am watching it slowly play out in another area of my life, but that day I saw it in action. In plain sight.

This is the real purpose of the politico-legal system. To privilege those “in the know” and to keep the rest of us oppressed. It’s the barrier between the privileged few and the “useless eaters”. It’s the method by which the privilege is created. Do you know anyone who has come away from a legal battle and considers that “justice” was done? How many times have we seen someone “in the know” walk away from a serious charge? George Pell. The current Christian Porter scandal. The current Netanyahu scandal. The Biden election scandal. Maxwell and Epstein. Hollywood paedophiles in general – any of them, just pick one. Our tax dollars are funding a system that keeps those “in the know” above the law, and keeps the rest of us at it’s mercy.

So what’s the relationship between “the powers that shouldn’t be” AKA “the few”, and the Freemason order? Freemasons are, by and large, a network of useful idiots who can’t get through life on their own merits. They are made to feel that they are in a “special club” whereby they unwittingly do the bidding of those at the top – “the few” – and in return are given favourable outcomes and a “helping hand” through life. The masonic occult spiritual practices reinforce the “special” nature of their membership. Freemasons are found mostly in the politico-legal system and they are the foot soldiers who are helping to implement the dystopian goals of “the few”. In all fairness, most freemasons are unaware of what they have gotten themselves into until it is too late. However, for freemasons like Scott Morrison and pretty much all senior members of government, the executive and the judiciary in all countries, they know exactly what they are doing. Trudeau, Macron, Biden, Trump, Boris Johnson, Dan Andrews, even our comrade across the ditch, Ardern – they all know exactly what role they are playing. They might not all technically be freemasons, however they were all put on the fast track to leadership at the point in their careers when, similar to the higher masonic degrees, they demonstrated their willingness to be corrupted.

It really is time to wake up. The politico-legal system that rules the world was set up to oppress us. If you are not “in the know” then you are the target of the system. Most of us have matured enough to realise that the two-party political system is a charade; that no matter who has been elected into power we always get the same policies imposed on us. It’s time now for us to mature a little further and wake up to the fact that this is exactly how the politico-legal system works on the world stage as well. It’s time to wake up to the fact that the concept of the “good superpower” and the “rogue state” is also a charade. One only need to take a look at how much time people like Henry Kissenger and Maurice Strong spent in China. Strong in particular had very strong connections to the CCP, as did his cousin Anna Louise Strong. Similarly, it is also time for World War II and the “Cold War” charade to be better understood. The work of Antony Sutton has documented the largely unknown relationships between the US and the USSR, and the US and Nazi Germany. His series of books titled “Western Technology & Soviet Economic Development” and his books “National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union” and “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” outline the technology, equipment and aid given to the USSR by the US during the period 1917 to 1965. Similarly his book “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” outlines the financial support given to the Nazi Party by Wall Street financiers and other international bankers.These corrupt relationships have been fostered and used to oppress the many. War is NOT about bringing democracy to anyone. War is about furthering the geopolitical objectives of the few. Our sons die in rich men’s wars so that a small number of already wealthy men can firstly, increase their wealth, but most importantly, gain more control over large swathes of land, people and resources. The current war mongering with China is a charade. When the war mongering with Russia failed, they simply had to find a new perceived enemy to keep the population in fear. It is simply another strategy they have up their sleeve to remove more of our rights and freedoms, and to further bring us to our knees so that “the few” can implement their dystopian global Marxist dictatorship that the United Nations has been quietly working on since it replaced the League of Nations after WWII.

The League of Nations was the organisation set up after WWI to formally begin the implementation the Marxist “New World Order”. Russia and China are not “rogue states”. The Bolshevik Revolution/Soviet Union and Communist China have been “trial runs” on how to implement global tyranny. Watch G. Edward Griffin’s series of interviews with Norman Dodd here to fully understand the relationship between Communism and the west. Communism/socialism has been the socio-political tool used by “the few” to implement control over the many, and they are currently making their boldest move to date in trying to control and enslave us. To widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots by implementing their Marxist agenda worldwide under the guise of a global health emergency.

The “pandemic” is the current excuse to increase surveillance, to remove more of our rights, and to destroy our livelihoods. We will be told that they are installing biometric surveillance in supermarkets, public transport, public places, etc. to prevent the unva**inated from spreading “the virus”. However the real intent is to obtain total control over the population – initially to force everyone to take the jab because otherwise you won’t be able to buy food or even leave your home. Next it will be a cyber attack, the planned collapse of the financial system, an attack by a “rogue state”, extreme weather events – any number of possible scenarios that have already been injected into the narrative to alert us to what’s coming, and all to gain more and more control over the population and the planet. It’s all in plain sight.

NORAD war games on 9/11. Dark Winter. Bombing simulation drills in the London Underground on 7/7. Event 201.

These are all simulations that at some point went live. Cyber Polygon is the next simulation. It is being held on July 9th – only one month away. Did you know that the World Economic Forum, the elite think tank who are currently implementing The Great Reset across the globe, have a Centre for Cyber Security? Did you know that the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cyber Security supports Cyber Polygon? Do you know what Cyber Polygon is? Maybe it’s time to find out, and to determine for yourself where it fits in in relation to other simulations that went live.

Once you educate yourself on these issues you will realise that surveillance cameras at Woolworths are, in the big picture, the least of our worries. But they are the next step in the totalitarian tip toe, and each time we allow such tyranny to go unaddressed we are effectively allowing those “in the know” to oppress us and enslave us. That’s how they do it. If we don’t fight back en masse they consider that we have agreed to our own enslavement. We have free will, after all. If an individual tries to fight back, the corrupt and oppressive system of control will quickly silence them – censor them, dismiss their grievances, incarcerate them, ridicule them or ostracise them in some other way. Even murder them. In order to fight this tyranny we need to fight back as a group. We need numbers. We need masses of people to wake up and to be prepared to verbally, physically, and in every other way, reject this tyranny outright

We need to recognise and overcome the divide-and-conquer tactics that have been employed over the past few decades for the purpose of dividing communities and families so we pose less of a risk of retaliation. Beginning with simple programs such as the “Civil Rights Movement” in the 60s and “Second Wave Feminism” in the 70s, artificial divisions have been created in society based on race, sex, religion, politics, age, sexuality/gender orientation, and now so-called “health status”. Our societies are now divided more than ever, due to state/corporate propaganda that has been used to create disagreements and animosity that would not otherwise have occurred. A community at war with itself cannot unite against the real enemy. We need to understand that all of the battles we are fighting have been fabricated, and we need to unite if we are going to win the war.

There are more of us than there are of them. We are the 99%. If we don’t use our free will and our strength in numbers, our kids will eventually become enslaved automatons for the elite, with no ability to express their God-given perfection. They will be told that it’s “cool” to upgrade themselves cybernetically. That transhumanism is the way of the future; that they will be super intelligent, super strong and super successful. They will be told that anyone who dissents from this line of thinking is dangerous. For all the hype and encouragement they are given, all that will eventuate is that they will become the gammas, deltas and epsilons of the Brave New World that has been in the pipeline for centuries. The Brave New World that has as its primary goal, the end of humanity as we know it. The Brave New World that has been meticulously planned by Rockefeller-funded think tanks such as the United Nations. The Brave New World that is currently being rapidly implemented by the World Economic Forum and its cronies.

(If this information is too challenging to your world view, it’s time to upgrade your understanding of how the world really works. Watch these clips here, here and here to get a better understanding of what’s really going on. It’s imperative that more people realise the future that has been planned for humanity so we have a chance to stop it in its tracks.)

Is this the future you want for your kids?

What are you going to do about it?

Maybe it’s time to support me, and people like me, when we make a scene in public by refusing to accept tyranny.

Maybe it’s time to refuse to be locked down; time to keep your businesses open, time to keep travelling and associating freely.

Maybe it’s time to do what most people are too scared to do –


Has The Perpetual War Arrived?

If an attacker is one whose force cannot be undermined or weakened in anyway, what then?

If the adversary is entirely elusive, and cannot even be identified, what then?

What if we could never know when an attack was coming?

What if we were told that the attacks would go on forever?

The War With No End.

The Ultimate War.

The Perpetual War.

I believe that war has begun.

Image result for the perpetual war

My last article highlighted a “Potty Professor” and his “meteor theory” of viruses. He believes that illness are caused by viruses that are brought to earth by passing meteors. The base theory is called “Panspermia” and COVID-19 is being used to re-hash this obscure theory. After a brief but enlightening email exchange with said Professor, the most terrifying penny dropped for me.

It is interesting that there has been no real effort made to identify the original cause of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. Even now, a year after it took the western world by storm, we are still in the dark. Watch this short discussion here. The wet market theory is sheer nonsense, but most people have accepted it – I guess because they have no real option. But it wouldn’t take much to suddenly announce “We have found the REAL cause of the outbreak!“, especially if they need to cover up the fact that it was accidentally released from a lab in Wuhan. And because people have been whipped into a frenzy of fear they will currently believe anything.

In a state of fear, which is a base survival state, people are literally unable to think clearly. The biochemistry of fear and trauma shuts down normal brain processes and sends blood to the extremities to prioritise the ability to physically deal with whatever threat has presented itself. Literally to fight or flee (“fight or flight“). Of recent years we have also added the term “freeze” to this phrase, due to the phenomenon where animals literally freeze when they are overpowered by a threat. They play dead. When they identify that there is no escape from the attack, they go into a self-preservation mode which looks like death. So we now refer to the “survival” response as “fight, flight or freeze“.

Image result for fight or flight or freeze

I believe that people are currently in the “freeze” state – they have become paralysed by their fear. Firstly, there is nothing tangible to fight or flee from. Secondly, the media, government and “medical” authorities have ensured that the fear propaganda is so all-encompassing and never-ending (a technique known as “flooding”), that the average Joe/Jo-anne is completely paralysed by it. It is in this state that people are most vulnerable – unable to think critically, rationally or sensibly. They are also most vulnerable to COMPLETELY ridiculous propaganda.

So, with 99.9% of people paralysed by fear, what if the media announced that COVID-19 was coming from space? It was being dropped on us by naturally occurring meteors. Or even better, that it was an attack by aliens? COVID-19 is a bio-weapon being used by a hostile race of aliens who want earth for its resources. Yes, this may seem like the craziest idea I’ve ever proposed, but we are living in crazy times. The extent of the lies, propaganda and tyranny being imposed on us is breathtaking, and it is clearly for the purpose of conditioning the population to accept ever-increasing amounts of nonsense.

It doesn’t really matter whether it is meteors or aliens. For the sake of credibility I would choose meteors if discussing this in public – as if saying that COVID-19 was dropped on earth by a meteor would command credibility! The bottom line is that the narrative can be planted in the minds of a terrified population that COVID-19 is coming from out of this world and “it is the biggest threat known to humanity and it will take all of our collective co-operation and resources to combat it“. It reminds me of the comments repeatedly made by Ronald Reagan many years ago about “the alien threat”. Watch him here and here.

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Space Invaders: Meteors or Aliens?

This narrative has been primed to slot right in at any point now. I’ve noted the following developments of recent times –

  1. The rise/resurgence of alien interest groups and alien propaganda
  2. The rise in “space war” propaganda
  3. The creation of the US “Space Force” for no pressing reason
  4. The exponential rise in the release of mini-satellites (that could be re-purposed to monitor the “space invaders”)
  5. The re-release of “viruses from space” literature and propaganda (the 1979 book “Diseases from Outer Space” was conveniently re-released last year)
  6. The exponential rise in “War with China” propaganda and divide and conquer strategies in general. This always occurs in the pre-war period to whip the population into an aggressive war-mode.

Irrespective of whether they choose the meteor narrative or the alien narrative, we will have no hope of ever controlling the “threat”, let alone defeating it. We will be pushed into a permanent state of war against the unidentifiable and undefeatable enemy. We will be told the most ridiculous narrative about where the latest attack/deposit is, and everyone in the general area will be forced into immediate lockdown.

Does that remind you of anything? Have you read the book “1984” lately? Do you recall that one day the perpetual war was with Eurasia, and then the next day it was with East Asia? People just came to accept that it could happen like that because they had been beaten into submission by a raft of tyrannical and oppressive measures. Sound familiar? The Thought Police?? The Memory Hole???

Image result for 1984 perpetual war

I find it fascinating that the opening line of the Wikipedia entry for “Nations of Nineteen Eighty Four” is this – “All that Oceania’s citizens know about the world is whatever the Party wants them to know“. This recent documentary brilliantly outlines the role of government and media in the brain washing and intimidation of the population in regards to COVID-19 and injections.

It is only a step away folks. We are at a point in history where the media could announce that “COVID-19 came from a meteor, we can’t do anything about it, and we all must do X,Y and Z so the virus doesn’t kill us all“. The 99.9% would be putty in the hands of the media. They will scream for more vaccines, more lockdowns, more masks, more anal swabs. They will fight over toilet paper and cans of baked beans. They will voluntarily keep themselves hostage in their own homes and happily dob in their neighbours who dare to go for a walk after dark. They will allow their aging parents to die of loneliness because it is “the right thing to do”. They will be immune to common sense. And the government will continue to push their warlike propaganda –

Lockdown is Peace. Freedom is Dangerous. Groupthink is Strength.

And it will never end.

The Perpetual War.

Is this the future you want for your kids?

What are you going to do about it?


Disinformation as far as the eye can see…

I’ve been researching global issues for many years now. I began with medicine and health, and by delving into certain aspects of the pharmaceutical industry one tends to uncover a whole world of corruption and deceit. Once an intelligent and benevolent person goes down that rabbit hole, it is impossible to not discover the web of corruption and deceit that connects all industries.

However, “the powers that shouldn’t be” don’t want us to notice the web, so they go to great lengths to make us believe that all of the major pillars of industry and society are independent and unrelated. Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Media, Big Data, Big Banking & Finance, Big Politics, Big Retail, Big Legal & Accounting… the list goes on. At face value most people would be hard pressed to notice any links between the general day-to-day operations of these industries. But it’s times like these that it becomes clear that these industries are following the same agenda.

Big Media are now censoring for Big Pharma by keeping all reference to adverse reactions (to injections) out of reach. Big Data will soon be conducting surveillance for Big Pharma by tracking who has had “the injection”. Big Politics is implementing draconian regulations for Big Pharma, so they can make billions of dollars from “the injection”. Big Retail is making billions of dollars more than usual because Big Politics have implemented tyrannical regulations that have destroyed small and medium sized enterprises (SME). Big Ag (and billionaires in general) are buying up failed family farms and other properties in default due to the economic shutdown, ensuring that Big Banking & Finance stay bloated in the most stomach-turning example of disaster capitalism ever witnessed. Big Pharma, in cahoots with Big Politics, Big Banking & Finance, Big Media, Big Retail and Big Data, will soon announce the urgent need for a biometric “injection passport” to counter the numerous faked digital versions. It will operate via biometric scanning and microchip. When the inevitable collapse of Big Banking & Finance occurs, the ensuing catastrophe will be used to claim the need to replace hard currency with a biometric-based digital currency – again, operating via biometric scanning and microchip. It’s been a stepwise progression to this point, with “chipped” credit cards, “Paywave” and “temperature scanning” playing their role in moving the population to the point where biometric scanning and a microchip are simply the next logical steps in the evolution of “technology”. This will be the crowning glory of the global web of corruption and deceit as it will completely enslave the 99.9%. Your access to money and your ability to operate in the everyday world will be turned off instantaneously anytime you dissent or step out of line. China’s “social credit score” has been the prototype. And of course, Big Media and Big Legal & Accounting will continue to protect all of the above from any and all genuine challenge.

– See book by Dr Udo Ulfkotte “Presstitutes: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA ” previously known as “Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News”. Find it on Amazon here.

Most intelligent people would recognise that Big War and Big Oil have had a dominating influence over geopolitical decisions for the past 100 years or so. However very few people would recognise that other industries such as Big Activism, Big Charity and Big Religion are also major players in the global web of corruption and deceit. Big Activism and Big Charity are there to ensure that global problems are never solved. There is far too much money and political leverage to be gained from ongoing “efforts” to solve global problems. And Big Religion is there to ensure that you don’t have a direct relationship with your creator. To ensure that your spiritual and ethical lives are controlled.

It takes a while to discover the links between all these industries. You won’t find it on the six O’clock news. You won’t find any reference to it in the daily newspapers. Certainly not on mainstream social media either. No, it takes dedication to work it out. The journalists who cover each of these industries tend to specialise in their industry and rarely branch out, thus reinforcing the notion of independence and lack of relationship between industries. It is only on entering the world of “alternative media” that one encounters people who can join the dots and can write about the toxic and corrupt relationships between these industries. After a while the disinformation agents, “controlled opposition” and propaganda merchants are pretty easy to identify. For a smart, dedicated person who does their cross checking, it is pretty easy to spot disinformation. Or it has been up until recently.

In my opinion, in recent months there has been a quantum shift in the quality and amount of disinformation circulating in the alternative media. Beginning a few years back in subtle ways, disinformation has recently ramped up to an extreme level. Movements like Q Anon have hoovered up unsuspecting good-hearted people who simply don’t know enough about the topics that catch their interest. For those of us who have been around for some years, the Q Anon phenomenon was just embarrassing nonsense from the start. However, the disturbing part is that there have been many groups or individuals who, after previously producing credible and reliable information, have suddenly taken on a whole new agenda.

I’m referring mainly to content from North America, where even some calm and measured content creators have recently become disinformation whores. Maybe that was “the plan” all along? Suck people in with genuine information for several years and then BOOM! Manipulate the loyalty of their followers and turn them into nutters who believe that Donald Trump is the messiah.

There is certainly a bigger agenda going on when unsuspecting people get caught up in disinformation campaigns. When one aspect of the disinformation is discredited, then by extension all beliefs of these groups are discredited. It is a fairly efficient way to dispose of genuine dissent. Suck people in with some genuine concerns, throw in some rubbish, wait until the rubbish is discredited, then summarily dismiss their other grievances.

My choice to write an article about this issue is because the degree to which this is now happening is of great concern. Unless a person has done a substantial amount of background research using primary sources (and not just relying on something they heard or read on the internet), it is a minefield out there on the internet right now. Finding and digesting information from the right sources is becoming increasingly difficult due to this global disinformation psyop – of which censorship is an integral part. I have written about this several times, referring to “controlling the flow of information”. It has now entered a particularly insidious phase, where all fact-based dissent is censored and the producers of it are prevented from publishing. Permanently. And creators who were previously seemingly reliable have become the enemy – leading their lambs to the slaughter.

This is what a descent into tyranny looks like folks.

I have recently come across an example of this in Australia, where a previously professional and credible pair of gentlemen were delivering quality and timely economic information that contradicted the “authorised” narrative. They have consistently published valid and important “insider information” regarding economic and financial issues that could make or break the average family. However, they have now branched out into content that verges on conspiracy theory. Their most recent offering claims that the current “pandemic” was caused by a virus that was dropped on earth by a meteor. I nearly fell off my chair when I first heard that reference. The apparent “professor” they were interviewing completely undermined his whole “meteor theory” on numerous occasions during the interview. After watching the interview to the end (which was quite difficult) I was left stunned, wondering if I had missed some significant development in critical thought. I normally don’t bother reading through the comments on You Tube (to avoid the aggressive ad hominems) but I couldn’t help myself this time. I needed to validate my shock. And to my relief, there was a multitude of comments that were critical of the descent into la la land for these two gentlemen.

However, I’m left wondering what is actually going on here. Are these guys actual disinformation agents who have sucked in many people with their accurate assessments of policy and legislation? Only to lead everyone down the garden path with this recent utter nonsense? So the genuine dissent over economic and political problems can be discredited when the “meteor theory” is discredited? Or are these guys genuine victims of nefarious actors within government, banking and finance who have set them up with this professor and his “meteor theory”? Setting them up for their whole catalogue of professional material to be discredited when “meteor man” is discredited? Shutting down genuine dissent about dodgy banking practices and tyrannical legislation when the “potty professor” is called out?

A few months ago I watched a live interview conducted by a small political organisation where they discussed some pertinent economics, finance, banking and geopolitics issues. The interview had a live chat attached to it and I noticed one of the above mentioned fellows taking an active role in the live chat. However his demeanor was vastly different from what I had experienced of him up to that point. He was quite verbose and critical of the interviewer, and I was left wondering if he was drunk, or if it was an imposter. It was very out of character for him. This, in combination with the crazy virus theory outlined in his recent videos, has led me to conclude that he may well be a disinformation agent. Furthermore, this man is an agent for precious metal merchants, espousing the benefits of gold and silver in the coming financial collapse. He tactfully avoids conducting conversations with me when I point out the very real possibility of confiscation, such as what happened in 1933. In my opinion this is a particularly sadistic form of disaster capitalism.

After all of the great material he has produced, and all of the valiant and honorable personal qualities he has espoused, I am left quite gutted that this phenomenon could happen so close to home.

It just goes to show how completely coordinated the global web of corruption and deceit actually is. It explains why many so-called “alternative journalists” continue to publish vast amounts of disinformation, while small fry like myself – who deal in factual dissent – get shutdown, have my emails and other communications intercepted and/or deleted, have my home broken into with nothing stolen, and have “friends”, family, neighbours and others inform on me and try to set me up. I can guarantee folks, that the military, national security organisations and intelligence organisations are not about “National Security” as we understand it. They are not about protecting the interests of our nation, or about bringing “democracy” to other nations. They are about protecting the interests of “the powers that shouldn’t be”. Protecting the global web of corruption and deceit.

The web that you find at the top of elite organisations such as the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, the World Council of Churches, and the Freemason/De Molay order to name a few. There are increasing numbers of private foundations and corporations such as the Carlyle Group, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the GAVI Alliance that also form part of the web.

And they are currently making their final move to enslave us all.

What are you going to do about it?

The Ministry of Truth

Do you remember “The Ministry of Truth” from Nineteen Eighty Four? The department where they wrote/re-wrote the news? Do you remember “The Memory Hole”? Where Winston used to dispose of “history” that The Party wanted to change? And do you remember the mandate of the firefighters in Fahrenheit 451 ? To burn all books? Well, I have come across a startling set of facts that show we are right in the middle of everything we were warned about. It is happening right now. Right in front of our faces. Re-writing history, removing access to books, being denied access to information.

It all began with the “Fake News” psyop a few years ago. Average Jo was brain washed into believing that information was dangerous, and he could only believe the “trusted sources”. More recently we have been told that we are not competent enough to do our own research or to reach our own conclusions. In July this year Forbes Magazine stated “You Must Not Do Your Own Research When It Comes To Science”. Now, under the guise of a so-called global health crisis, access to books and information is being permanently removed. Apparently books are now dangerous for our health.

The Hathi Trust is an organisation whose mandate is to digitise all books. Since 2008 they have been encouraging large libraries, mostly university libraries, to join the Trust. I imagine that most of the libraries who have joined the Hathi Trust had no idea that signing up meant signing over all control over their assets. I imagine that ALL of the libraries who signed up had no idea that a so-called global health crisis could be used to take control of the world’s books. Here’s how all of those libraries lost control of their books –

As a result of the so-called global health crisis, the Hathi Trust have implemented their “Emergency Temporary Access Service” (ETAS), whereby all universities who are part of the Trust must close. As part of this policy, access to books is no longer permitted and it appears that this is permanent because the so-called global health crisis is not going away anytime soon. The public and even alumni (past students) will not be permitted to use these libraries at all. Ever again. No more walking into the local university library and meandering up and down the aisles of wonderful books. No more finding a seat at a window and reading an amazing book that you can only find in a library of this calibre.

But the good news? Current students, faculty and staff are allowed to use the SERVICES in these libraries even though access to the books is prohibited. In areas where the population is not in active lockdown, if a current student, faculty or staff member wishes to borrow a book, they can order it online and they are instructed to pick it up from a designated pick-up point in the library. If the population is in active lockdown, current students, faculty and staff are given online access to a digital version of the book they want, if it exists. This is the ETAS that the Hathi Trust have implemented. The emergency temporary access. All libraries in the Trust have become service centres where access to books is determined by your academic status. If you have the correct status you may be given access to a digital version of the book you want, if it exists. However you can only VIEW the digital version of the book, and probably only for a limited amount of time. You cannot download it. Do you now understand why iPads and Kindles were forced on our kids in kindergarten?

Some people might argue that having access to digital versions of books is a good thing. Social equity, white privilege, and other buzz words loosely related to “oppression” will be used to argue that this is a good thing. However under this ETAS policy, if there is only one copy of the book in the library then only one person at a time can have access to the digital version. Which kinda defeats the purpose of digitising everything, don’t you think? But wait, there’s more. Try to wrap your head around this –

As of 2019, the copyright policy states that “many works in our collection are protected by copyright law, so we cannot ordinarily publicly display large portions of those protected works unless we have permission from the copyright holder”, and thus “if we cannot determine the copyright or permission status of a work, we restrict access to that work until we can establish its status. Because of differences in international copyright laws, access is also restricted for users outside the United States to works published outside the United States after and including 1879.

So can you see where this is going? Watch this great clip to understand more. Under the guise of a so-called global health crisis, access to the past is being controlled. History will be whatever “The Ministry of Truth” want it to be. The Hathi Trust is “The Ministry of Truth”. The ETAS is “The Memory Hole”. By signing up to the ETAS, libraries around the world have effectively signed up for the mandate to burn books. They have become the firefighters in Fahrenheit 451.

And the government continue to push their warlike propaganda –

Lockdown is Peace. Freedom is Dangerous. Groupthink is Strength.

What are you going to do about it?

Now They Are Coming For Our Kids…

I heard some rumours from Sweden a few weeks ago that children are the new target for this global police state. A woman warned us that “They are coming for your kids. Don’t send your kids to school tomorrow”. After reading some articles this morning, I am now certain that she was correct – although she has probably jumped the gun a little.

Mandatory testing of all children in New York has begun – even if the child or their parents do not consent. The Liberal/National Party of Queensland in Australia are now pushing for curfews to be imposed on all children under 18. They are currently recruiting more police to enforce the curfews and current laws are being amended to allow for the jailing of more juveniles. How on earth is any of this necessary or even justifiable? More importantly, what is the end goal?

According to some sources, a new framework of social security is in the pipeline in Canada, such that when the current emergency income measures are removed everyone without a job will go onto a Universal Basic Income (UBI) and have their debts forgiven. It is known as the World Debt Reset Program. The condition of having your debts forgiven, in a nutshell, is that you must take the mandated injections and you forfeit your rights to own property or any assets. Forever.

That’s AND you forfeit your rights, not OR your forfeit your rights. Take the money and the jab AND forfeit your rights to own property or ANY assets, forever. I can certainly see such a program being implemented in Australia with widespread uptake. As terrifying as it sounds it’s a pretty appealing program for a young person with no hope of a stable career in this economically decimated world, who has been taught that individual rights are not important – it’s the collective that matters. Just take the jab and be given a slave-level income for life for doing nothing. State housing will probably come with the package when home loan defaulters (90% of their parents) have their homes and assets repossessed by the banks. And international travel will be handed to our children when they submit to the Immunity Passport. They’ll probably get one free trip per year to attend a Model United Nations propaganda conference in some exotic location. So our children can learn more about how we, their parents, destroyed the planet and their dreams for the future – with capitalism. Dirty, filthy capitalism.

So here’s the plan for the future – test all the children routinely at school and especially when they are in police custody. Anytime they are effectively in the “care” of the state. The PCR test (that was never meant to be used to diagnose anything – see interviews with its inventor here and general information here) will return endless numbers of false positives. A “Deadly Juvenile Strain” will be declared. The children will be forced to take the jab in order to be released from detention or allowed to go home from school.

Don’t believe me? Have you noticed the very tall and angry-looking lockable fences that have been installed around all public schools over the past few years? Do you really believe that they are designed to keep people out? Was such an enormous expense really required to keep a few vandals and graffiti artists out? I suspect that they are designed to keep our children IN. If they were designed to keep anyone out, it was to keep PARENTS out.

The government will offer young people all sorts of goodies to keep sucking on the teet of the state, further undermining the parental relationship. Parents will have no money or power to fight this police state because if they dissent in any way their UBI will be cut off.

Can you see how this is being played out? This is the implementation of the tyrannical global socialist police state I began writing about five years ago here, here, here and here. It’s arrived folks. Right here. Right now. In our faces. Disguised as a health crisis.

What are you going to do about it???

Lost in the Matrix


So it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve written an article. Sometimes life gets in the way. But it really is time for me to get back to writing…

In general my articles have been warnings about what was happening to us, as a society. They were warnings to my readers, in the hope that it would prompt them to “wake up” and make some changes in their lives. To “wake up” and push back on the tyranny that is closing in on us. But today’s article is more of a lament for times gone by. A lament for the power and independence and sovereignty that people used to have, and used to use. I have realised that people don’t actually want those things anymore. Sadly, I’ve discovered that people want to be told exactly what to do and what to think. They don’t want the truth and they don’t want their world view to be challenged at all. Because that would mean that people have to think for themselves, and I can only name a handful of people that I know who still think for themselves. So today I lament.

Descartes1I remember years ago when I was younger, the consumer dollar was king. Consumers wielded that power wisely – they shopped around and they refused to accept second rate products or services. I worked in retail in the mid- to late-eighties, and I remember that culture well. My customers demanded, and got, the best service and products that I could give. Those were the days before the global retail monopolies were created. Back when the local shopping centre had a huge range of shops – generally small businesses owned by local residents. These shops offered a great range of products and services, and the customer could shop around for a product that exactly fitted their needs and wants.

Today, many of those shops sit empty, or have been taken over by fly-by-nighters selling cheap imported clothes, furniture or knick-knacks from China. In the meantime shopping malls and the mega-retailers have expanded exponentially. Gone are the corner shops, the local supermarket, even the local Doctor. They all now reside in muchChoice larger, fancier buildings. Either in shopping malls, or supa-centres, or retail warehouses, or medical centres, or large multi-practitioner health clinics and the like. And we are told it is all for “convenience”. OUR convenience of course. We can now get everything all in the one place. Endless amounts of the products and services that the global monopolies have decided that we can have, all in the one place.

How marvellous!

But what has really happened is that an insidious hybrid of communism/fascism has taken over the planet while we were all looking the other way. While we were all obsessed with Facebook, the footy, and whatever tabloid nonsense that the corporate mainstream media was peddling, anti-monopoly legislation and restrictions on ownership were quietly loosened up. Our corrupt politicians silently pushed through legislation for their corporate owners, and in return they nabbed very lucrative post-politics careers as “consultants”. As a result, huge global monopolies have formed and put the little guys out of business – either by being bought out with deals too good to refuse, or by being economically strangled by restrictions and impossible levels of red tape.


Most people choke when I link the terms communism and fascism and state that they are the same thing. People like to make fun and infer that I have no idea what I am talking about. But just stop for a minute and take a look at the characteristics of each – a small powerful elite who control the media and the means of production, and who rule over a largely powerless population with force. Remember that these terms, “communism”, “fascism”, “socialism”, “democracy” etc. are all man-made terms. They are not natural phenomena. These terms have been manufactured by certain people to serve the interests of those same people. Tyranny may come in different flavours, but at the end of the day tyranny is tyranny. When the people have no control over decision making and outcomes at the administrative level; when privacy, freedom, independence, liberty, free choice, individuality and basic services are denied to the population; when all “sides” of politics deliver the same outcomes; that is tyranny. If you don’t believe me, try lodging a formal complaint about a person or an organisation. Especially in this “new normal”, when government and administrative service provision has largely vanished. COVID-19 has been spectacularly successful in furthering the implementation of tyranny across the planet.

So today I am lamenting the slide into tyranny that I have witnessed in my lifetime.

After leaving retail behind in the late eighties, I eventually moved into allied health because I had the remarkably naive belief that I could “help people”. Being successful in retail had trained me to believe in this delusion. Since 1992 I have acquired a list of health-related qualifications longer than most COVID lockdown shopping lists. I have spent close to a hundred thousand dollars on training, and I have purchased thousands of books. All because I wanted to “help people”. Well why not? When I worked in retail I was really good at “helping people”. I created happy customers with ease simply by fulfilling theirHappy needs. No matter what products or services were demanded of me, I always delivered with ease. Even the most demanding customer who knew exactly what they wanted was satisfied with ease. In retail I proved time after time that it was really easy to “help people”. So the move into allied health would be a breeze. Right?

What could possibly go wrong???

Simultaneously with my maniacal journey through allied health, the rest of the world was sliding into its own delusion. Each year, people swallowed more and more corporate mainstream media propaganda that slowly but surely, little by little, changed their priorities and their beliefs. For example, in the past most parents sent their kids outside to play and to get dirty. Now parents are buying little black devices for their kids because it keeps them quiet and clean and apparently free from injury. Everyone’s a winner, right? In the past, people bought a small number of good quality clothing and household products that lasted for years. Now, people are buying absurd amounts of cheap imported products that don’t last very long. When the products inevitably break, people simply throw them out and buy more cheap replacements which they know won’t last very long either.

Takeaway-Food-PackagingSimilarly, people now rarely cook at home. It has become a thing to just “pick up some take away on the way home“. And for those couch potatoes who have wholeheartedly embodied the cult of convenience, food now equals “Deliveroo“. I hear that they are now selling apartments without kitchens. It really leaves me wondering how anyone can afford to live like that, considering how inexpensive it is to cook real food at home. How can their wallet afford it? How can their health afford it? And more importantly, how can the environment afford it? We are producing exponentially increasing amounts of packaging waste each year just because we have been sold the lie that convenience is now a human right not to be questioned. It will add to our “quality of life” because we will have more time for leisure. More time to sit in front of a screen. I wonder if anyone else has realised that the word “convenience” is newspeak for “laziness”, “ignorance, and “stupidity”?

And it is astonishing how readily we have bought the lie that “Oh, it’s OK, it’s all recyclable!“. A couple of years ago I had lunch in the uni bar at a well known 2nd-tier Australian university. After ordering my usual budget meal, my first shock was that there was no crockery or cutlery anywhere to be seen. Every meal was served on a cardboard plate. Every condiment portion was served in a small cardboard dish. I was directed to the container of disposable bamboo cutlery for my implements. All this and I was eating in. Whilst I was sitting alone at my table, lamenting the state of the world, a tour guide rushed past with a gaggle of starry eyed future students behind her. “We have the most environmentally sustainable policies of any university in Australia!” she shouted. I nearly choked on myRecycling imported chicken schnitzel. But the best was yet to come. When I finished my lunch, I was then forced to negotiate the complex network of rubbish bins in front of me. My meal had created a significant amount of rubbish and I was genuinely confused about which bits of rubbish went in which bins.

As I walked back to the car park where I had parked my trusty Korean import, I continued lamenting. With some sudden logic I wondered, “Surely it’s more environmentally sustainable to have crockery and steel cutlery and just wash it up? You could give an Australian kid a job too. Why is that such a bad thing?”. I concluded that I was obviously too old and set in my ways, and that the article I read years ago must be fake news. The article inferred that we don’t actually recycle in this country because it is too expensive. It said that nearly all rubbish goes into landfill because it is too dangerous and expensive to pay people to sort through recycled rubbish at the tip. And I must’ve completely imagined all that kerfuffle a few decades ago about McDonalds and their polystyrene packaging. Remember when McDonalds were forced to change their hamburger packaging to cardboard and paper when the Greenies lost their minds over the polystyrene packaging?? All take way joints now serve their food in polystyrene containers, so  I must have completely hallucinated that kerfuffle.  

But back to my delusion –

As everyone else was becoming zombified by all the junk food they were consuming, by social media, and by the corporate mainstream media in general, there I was taking more courses on “How To Help People”. Every day of the week, every week of the year, I continued to cough up the dollars for the amorphous goal of “helping people”. Eventually, when I could fill a room Qualificationswith all the pieces of paper I had been awarded, I opened the obligatory “I Can Help You” business. Initially it was mostly fitness and exercise related, and my clients were extremely happy with my services. Of course they were happy. I had spent many years in gyms and yoga studios and I knew exactly what I was doing.

As always, I was able to “help people” with ease.

On top of all of the formal training I take part in, I also engage in silly amounts of professional development and personal research. It’s my dirty little secret. I watch documentaries for fun. I scan my Twitter feed for links to interviews and You Tube clips. And I have bought thousands of books. All for fun. As a result of all this hilarity, I seem to have developed a fairly complex but nuanced understanding of how the world really works. In regards to health in particular, I came to recognise that the epidemic of cancer, chronic disease and mental health problems that we are experiencing is really easy to understand and reverse. All people have to do is make changes to the way they live their lives. So I found the answer!!! Now I could REALLY “help people”!

So I branched out into delivering “Health and Wellbeing” talks. I developed thePresentationjpg obligatory acronym which would “help people” to remember the five simple steps they needed to follow in order to live lives free of disease. I even gave them handouts with it all written down. WOW! How successful was I going to be now, “helping” all those people! Just like “helping people” with their retail needs, and “helping people” with their fitness needs, I was well on my way to “helping people” with their health and wellbeing needs.

The cracks started to appear when I began using words like “electromagnetic radiation“, “food additives“, “glyphosate” and “genetically modified organisms“. But the real damage was yet to come. Phrases like “gaming and social media are designed to be addictive” and “the rate of change in our everyday lives is beyond our ability to adapt” elicited some pretty confused looks, indicating that I probably wasn’t being quite as successful at “helping people” as I had expected. However the pièce de résistance came when I completely betrayed society at large by uttering the forbidden words “replace your WiFi with ethernet cables“. That was when my delusion was blown to pieces. That’s when it was made abundantly clear to me that I was actually pretty shit at “helping people”. I wasn’t peddling lies or half truths or irrelevant information. Quite the contrary. I am currently in the process of watching a documentary series about Cancer, and all of the”experts” who are being interviewed are saying exactly what I was saying in my talks. And I mean exactly. My research is sound. I was simply unable to reach the audience with it because I had unknowingly crossed the line. Unbeknown to me, “convenience” has been promoted to the status of “religion“. If you dare to question it in any way, you are guilty of “violating community standards“.

Goods and services??? TICK! Excellent at that one.

Exercise and fitness??? HUGE TICK! Clients loved me.

Red pilling people??? Epic fail. I failed miserably at that one. It was a disaster.

RebellionWOW! What a wake up call. For all those years I had so much faith in people. Whenever criticisms like “people are basically stupid” or “it’s natural selection” were made, I enthusiastically defended the absent masses. But the day after I ended my long career in “helping people”, as I was burning all the hand written “helping people” notes I had made, I realised something. After spending 30 years of my life and a couple of hundred thousand dollars for the amorphous goal of “helping people”, I realised that people don’t actually want to be helped. People don’t want their world view to be challenged at all. Give them the product and the service they want? Oh, yes please! Take them through a great exercise routine? Fantastic – I’ll be back tomorrow! No world view challenged in any of that. But ask them to step outside of the hive mind matrix that has descended on society in the past few decades? FORGET IT! Ask them to open their mind to the reality of the human condition? Nope. People are simply too afraid to contemplate those sorts of issues. People really have become fearful, brainwashed victims of the corporate mainstream media.

“People are deeply invested in the matrix, and it is only when their life falls apart and they are FORCED to go searching for answers, that they become open to some hard truths about life.” – Me

One of life’s real wake up calls.

But I eventually realised that I am now free. Due to the fact that my delusion had been unceremoniously demolished (like World Trade Centre Building 7),Freedom3 I was suddenly free to live my own life. To do exactly what I wanted to do in life, rather than be chained to what I finally realised had been a deeply rooted obligation to ensure that other people were not worse off than me. To rescue people, rather than to “help people”. That was my delusion: that I needed to rescue everyone from themselves. Mind blown. Thank you, fellow travellers. Thank you for being so hopelessly lost in the matrix. Your stubborn refusal to comply with my delusion actually freed me from it. Thank you for helping me to see the truth about my own life. Thank you for inadvertently rescuing me from myself.  Thanks to you I am no longer a rescuer. I am now what I have dreamt of being for a long time.

I am a writer.

As a post script, I recently came across this clip from Amazing Polly that explained my experience over the past few years. It explained my failure to “reach” people intellectually. It explained my inability to “help” people other than in retail and fitness. It explained why people in general do not want to see the truth. From about 5:20 to about 14:30 in her clip, Polly outlines her own journey in trying to “help” people and how she too has concluded that she has failed. Not through any fault of her own, but because people literally no longer have the ability to see the truth. She quotes passages from the bible that explain this. It has been referred to as “The Grand Delusion”. She says that in the bible it states that there will come a time when God takes away people’s ability to see the truth because they are too invested in lower vices and selfish pursuits and they do not deserve to be saved.


Like Polly, I would not call myself a religious person, however when you do this type of research there are few conclusions that you can arrive at other than we are now at the pinnacle of the ages old battle of good versus evil. When you have devoted years of your life to uncovering the truth of what is going on, you keep coming back to the same place – that there is a force of evil trying to destroy the beauty of this planet. Trying to destroy the beauty of “creation”. Life, that essence that makes us all alive and gives us the ability to re-produce and create more “life”, is under attack from entities that lack this gift. This is the conclusion I have reached and I believe we are now standing on the precipice. Those who can see the truth will prepare in order to save themselves and their families. Those who cannot or will not see the truth will perish in the tyranny. I say these things for good reason.

Many years ago I made a conscious decision to leave organised religion. Much to the disappointment of my family, I stopped going to church because I had concluded that it had lost its way. It still amazes me that at the age of 14 or 15 I somehow knew that something important was missing, and that what they were peddling did not sit right with me. It has taken me many decades to develop a cognitive understanding of what I intuitively knew at 14 or 15. StudyMy journey included immersion in New Age practices and beliefs, immersion in quantum physics and the disciplines of Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy, my commitment to research in health, mental health and allied services, and more recently my commitment to research into global politics, economics, financial markets and related areas. All this has helped me to understand how evil has infiltrated nearly all aspects of life, slowly but surely manipulating the narrative such that now our schools, universities, churches, corporations and governments all peddle the same socialist nonsense. We have all been conditioned to be wilfully ignorant of obvious facts and logic. We have all been conditioned to blindly accept the complete nonsense that is beamed out 24/7 by myriad forms of media. Alvin Toffler’s book “Future Shock” warned us about this phenomena. tofflerHe warned us 50 years ago that the rate of change in society had exceeded our ability to adapt, and that we were now at risk of becoming demoralised automatons. And that is exactly what has happened.


Of course Toffler’s research was funded by the Rockerfellers, no surprises there. So the most important findings of his research, ie. that we needed to slow down, were completely buried. Instead he was funded to go on and write about how we must all change ourselves as a race in order to be able to adapt to this new world that was coming. We must all become robot-like in our ability to deal with information and to operate technology. We must let go of the values we once held important because they are no longer applicable in the new world of the future. Sound familiar?

Transhumanism, The World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset”, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals, The War on Terror, Social Inequality, COVID-19. The ever-changing enemy has been forced on us under the guise of “we must change the way we live because humans are the problem”. If you look a little closer you will notice the theme – squashing our humanity. Destroying not only what has been built by human ingenuity, creativity and imagination, but destroying the spark within us all that has the ability to be creative. To create and to pro-create. That spark of individuality within us all which is what was referred to when it was stated “everyone is perfect in God’s eyes”. It is our individuality that is our perfection, and that is what they are trying to destroy with transhumanism, with surveillance and with tyranny in general. Those soulless entities that have risen to power are now making their final move to destroy God’s creation.

What are you going to do about it?

The Panama Papers: The Bigger Picture

I could be wrong. But the current global tax evasion drama has all the markings of a manufactured Problem-Reaction-Solution ‘scandal’ used to manipulate the public for geopolitical gain. Whilst I’m not questioning the quality of the investigation or the facts contained in the leaks, I certainly am questioning important aspects of the leaks. Who leaked this information? What do they have to gain from leaking this information? And why now? After decades of tax-free foundations and offshore tax havens, why bother to alert the public now? As far as I’m concerned the globally-coordinated release of the Mossack Fonseca “Panama Papers” reeks of a well-timed strategic geopolitical manoeuvre.


Do you think it’s a coincidence that here in Australia we are currently in the middle of an emotional class-driven “debate” on tax reform? Do you believe it’s a coincidence that only recently the issue of corporate tax evasion was dangled in front of us by the government? And do you really believe that it’s just a coincidence that Four Corners aired their Panama Papers expose on the same day that the whole scandal hit the headlines globally? See the episode here. The journalists and politicians involved in the Four Corners expose have clearly known about these leaks for months and there has obviously been a planned program of “release” to the public, worldwide. The leaks occurred a year ago so this information has been circulating under the radar for a year, and suddenly they dump it on the public expecting us to believe it’s a fresh new scandal? I don’t buy it. Soros1All throughout the hearings into tax avoidance last year and all throughout the current debate on tax reform, these leaks have been known about by our politicians. And the smoking gun that tells us there is another layer attached to this? Look closely at who is being singled out in the media coverage of the Mossack Fonseca leaks: Enemies of the Western elite. This comes as no surprise when one looks at who funds the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) – the organisation handling the leaks. Open Society Foundations is a major financial backer of ICIJ. It is one of George Soros’ foundations. If you are unfamiliar with George Soros, he has evil flowing through his veins. Like Zbigniew Brzezinski, he can generally be found behind the scenes making strategic moves on the geopolitical chessboard. You can get an idea of Soros’ objectives here. Another backer is the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) – the agency supposedly responsible for administering civilian foreign aid. They’ve been linked to the CIA and you can get an idea of their agenda here. When you dig a bit deeper you find more members of the global elite funding the ICIJ – Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, Rockefeller Family Fund, W K Kellogg Foundation. It’s a veritable who’s who of the global elite. It really does cast a grim shadow on any claims of ‘independence’ made by the ICIJ.

Unsurprisingly, not one prominent American or Israeli is mentioned in the release. However we keep hearing “Putin” and “Assad” over and over, Brzezinskibut when you read the information closely the people involved are associates of Putin and Bashar-al-Assad’s cousin. Putin and Assad are not mentioned once in the release. Guilt by association doesn’t stand up in a court of law but it does stand up in the court of public opinion. And that’s all that matters these days. Mainstream media (MSM) have perfected the art of manipulating public opinion to blindly and unknowingly support global corporate and geopolitical agendas. Most people haven’t got a clue what’s really going on in the world but they certainly can repeat, parrot-fashion,  the op-ed version of every current scandal.

Another example of the real intent behind this apparent “data dump” is that Iceland’s Prime Minister gets a prominent mention in the scandal. Why? Who cares about Iceland for heaven’s sake? Most people are unaware that Iceland recently fought and won against their corrupt central bankers. Most people don’t know this because the MSM failed to report on this significant development in sovereignty. The corrupt bankers were jailed for heaven’s sake but it wasn’t reported in the Western press. The international banking cartel and Western elite don’t want people to know about what happened in Iceland but they most certainly do want revenge on Iceland’s PM for what he did to them. As far as I’m concerned this latest manufactured scandal is a ramping up of the attack by Western elite on their enemies to further implement their totalitarian agenda. It’s just another in a long line of 9/11-style events designed to instil fear and hatred in people. Whenever there is an event like this always ask yourself, cui bono? Who benefits? And take note of the fallout. You’ll eventually see the pattern. It’s NEVER the people who benefit. It’s ALWAYS big government and big business who benefit, and the people ALWAYS lose more of their privacy, freedom and way of life.

RoundTableThe two main avenues being used to achieve this totalitarian agenda are Terrorism and Climate Change/Climate Disruption/Global Warming. Terrorism is the method of choice of the Right, using surveillance and censorship to take our privacy and freedoms. Climate Change/Climate Disruption/Global Warming is the method of choice of the Left, taking our property rights and way of life in the name of Sustainable Development. So they suck all of us in, irrespective of political persuasion. In one way or another we have been primed into believing that we must surrender our rights for the “greater good”. And this latest scandal is a particularly disturbing ramping-up of the elite globalist agenda.

Most people are in debt. Quite a lot of debt. We are feeling the pinch of a contracted economy on the brink of collapse. We are stressed and ripe for emotionally-driven attacks on our already-precarious quality of life. Now that we in Australia have been primed to revile wealthy tax cheats by the recent government/media collaboration on tax evasion, we are now faced with the same problem on a global scale. It’s a bit overwhelming isn’t it? This is the reaction part of manufactured Problem-Reaction-Solution projects. The problem of greedy elitists cheating the good people of the world out of national revenue creates an emotional reaction. And if the last few years of my personal research serves me well, the solution will soon begin to appear in op-eds and talkback chatter all over the Western world.

There’s been rumblings for some time now about a United Nations (UN) global tax. It’s been touted as the solution to tax evasion, but to date there hasn’t been a loud enough cry for help from “global UNGlobalTax
citizens”. Well, hey presto! Here’s the “Pearl Harbour” of tax evasion, folks. Here’s the final straw for those of us in dire financial stress who are sickened by the greed and injustice evidenced by the Panama Papers. The call for global taxation will now have billions of supporters begging the UN to bring “equality” to the planet. Yes, in times of trouble we all turn to a Saviour to ease our worries. And mark my words, the UN is waiting in the wings to implement the final leg of their global Socialist dictatorship. A global tax grid is the final cog in the wheel of Global Governance. Complete control of the world’s people, land and money. Everything. See more herehere and here.

The UN already controls our way of life through planning policies implemented via our local governments. Have you tried to build anything recently? Are you a farmer? Have you tried to get a dangerous tree cut down, legally? Then you’ll know all about UN planning policies. These policies came out of the 1992 UN Earth Summit conference we know as “Rio”. The “Programme of Action” developed from the summit was called “Agenda 21” but it is known by various titles depending where you live. In the US it is generally known as “Local Agenda 21”  or “Smart Growth” or “Smart Cities” but anything endorsed by Bill Clinton’s “President’s Council on Sustainable Development” (PCSD) is an implementation of Agenda 21. You can learn more about Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development here and here.Agenda21
In Australia we have lagged behind the US a little, so the tarnished reputation of Agenda 21 in the US has meant that we do not use that term here. In fact whenever the term Agenda 21 is used by anyone making inquiries about UN policies they are immediately ridiculed as being a “conspiracy theorist” and told “Agenda 21 does not exist“. Well folks, my 348 page printed hard copy certainly exists as does this digital copy here. Examples of Agenda 21 in Australia include “Urban Growth NSW” (more information here), the proposed “stack and pack” developments over Sydney railway stations (see more here) and the proliferation of high density housing along suburban railway lines. Our farmers know all about Agenda 21 through their battles over property rights and water rights. And with other policies such as the 1975 Lima Declaration the UN are progressively destroying strong western democracies in order to “equalise” the world, ie. enforced socialism. The Lima Declaration is a blueprint for the transfer of technology, tools and jobs to developing nations. As a result Australia has lost 90% of our agricultural and manufacturing industries. See more here and here.

So what does all this have to do with the Panama Papers? It shows how the UN quietly bullies its way into our lives in the name of justice and equality only to destroy our way of life for the “greater good”, and the Panama Papers scandal reeks of the type of geopolitical strategy used to justify such UN intervention. Gro Harlem Brundtland and Maurice Strong (dec), Agenda21GreenIsRedthe two driving forces behind the creation of the UN “Sustainable Development” behemoth, have instilled a fierce Socialist agenda at the UN. Volumes could be written about these characters but to get to the point – Brundtland is the former Vice-President of the World Socialist Party (Socialist International) and Strong had close ties to the Canadian Socialist Party and Communist China. Their Socialist/Communist ideals permeate UN policies and practices. Global taxation is simply the feather in the UN cap of socialist Global Governance. The ultimate UN goal of transferring wealth from rich countries to poorer ones will be handed to them on a silver platter if we all call for global taxation.

Do not fall for this propaganda. Educate yourselves on how the media manipulates your beliefs and emotions. Educate yourselves on how forces behind the scenes manipulate world events and sovereign governments. And most of all, educate yourself on the United Nations and what they really stand for. Stop relying on MSM accounts of world events and start including some dedicated independent journalists in your research. Several relevant examples can be found here, herehere and here.

Truth6The following books are highly recommended if you want some insight into the events being played out right in front of our eyes –

  1. “The Rise of Global Governance” by Henry Lamb
  2. “Technocracy Rising” by Patrick M Wood
  3. “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science” by Tim Ball
  4. “The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken For The World’s Top Climate Expert: IPCC Expose” by Donna Laframboise
  5. “Behind the Green Mask” by Rosa Koire
  6. “Cloak of Green” by Elaine Dewar
  7. “Classified Woman” by Sibel Edmonds
  8. “Extreme Prejudice” by Susan Lindauer
  9. “Media Control” by Noam Chomsky
  10. “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays
  11. “Crystallizing Public Opinion” by Edward Bernays
  12. “Manufacturing Consent” by Edward S Herman and Noam Chomsky
  13. “None Dare Call It A Conspiracy” by Gary Allen
  14. “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins
  15. “The Creature from Jekyll Island” G Edward Griffin
  16. “Silencing Dissent” by Clive Hamilton and Sarah Maddison
  17. “Do Not Disturb” by Robert Manne (Ed)
  18.  Anything by Antony C Sutton

Global Governance

Global Governance is a stated goal of the UN. In short it is the dissolution of sovereign nations and their national borders, with the introduction of a global cashless currency and global taxation. And the emphasis is on cashless – see more here.  The creation of the European Union (EU) and their currency, the Euro (€), was one of the first steps towards this goal. The proposed North American Union (NAU) and their currency, the Amero, is the next step. Last year the UN employed the Pope to push its climate change agenda in his Encyclical – see it here. You’ll remember that his solution to climate change was global governance; only a global government can “control” the corporations who are uncontrollably polluting the planet with CO2. Now we have a global tax evasion scandal and you can bet your bottom dollar that global taxation will be pushed as the only solution to “control” these individuals and corporations and their uncontrollable greed. What you need to remember is that tax minimisation in off-shore tax havens is completely legal. The only thing that global taxation will eradicate is the financial freedom of innocent good people like you and me. Just as it was planned to do.

For the sake of our children’s future, please, DON’T BUY IT.