The tyranny is closing in fast now, yet most people are still clueless. Too scared to think for themselves. And even if they have realised that something is desperately wrong with the way the so-called “pandemic” is being handled, they are too scared to say anything.

If you are familiar with my articles, you’ll remember my encounter with “Wave One” in a regional Woolworths store a few years ago. “Wave One” was apparently the implementation of a loss prevention program in Woolworths stores, however it was abundantly clear that it was the first step in a more comprehensive surveillance program. Please read my article on that here. You’ll remember that I was left pondering the following –

“Wave One” of what I wonder? Will “Wave Two” be the actual implementation of such an aggressive surveillance policy? Is “Wave One” just a trial run to see how people will react to it?

I have now discovered what “Wave Two” is, and I was correct. It has taken them four years to make their next move, but last night I discovered that “Wave Two” really is the ACTUAL implementation of a policy where “all transactions are recorded”. LITERALLY RECORDED. Back at the same Woolworths store in regional NSW, I was confronted with surveillance cameras at the self-checkout. No, I’m not talking about cameras mounted on the ceiling directed in the general area of the self-checkouts. No, I’m talking about individual cameras on each self-checkout machine, pointing directly at the customer. Each new self-checkout machine has an integrated camera at the top – just like on a laptop – and there is a window in the top right hand corner of the screen where you can see yourself, in real time.

Livid about this dystopian and unjustifiable invasion of my privacy, I called the supervisor over. I was told that if I didn’t like it I should go to a checkout with an actual cashier. I asked to see a manager. I was told that “people are less likely to steal things if they have a mirror in front of them“. I was then assured – “… but they aren’t recording you!“. “They might not be recording me tonight, but they will probably be recording me next month“. And as usual, when I used the term “police state” all I got was smirks and giggles of ridicule.

God knows how much money has been spent on installing these completely new and unnecessary machines. But what about an actual mirror? If people really do respond positively to the implied surveillance of a “mirror” then why not just use an actual mirror? Would that not have been a much more financially justifiable decision? A couple of dollars per self-checkout rather than probably thousands for each new self-checkout unit?

So there’s the giveaway that there is a much more insidious plan for these cameras. They’ll tell us, yet again, that they are part of a “loss prevention program”, but you don’t have to be too bright to work out what they are for. There are already plenty of ceiling-mounted cameras that can catch people putting items in their bag without scanning them. And in fact the new cameras cannot capture theft because they are trained on your face, not your hands. They are the first step in biometric control of shopping. Linking your biometrics (facial recognition, and then iris scanning and fingerprinting) to your credit card and eventually to the social credit score database. If you are an “approved” citizen you can have your food and other services. If you are “unapproved” you will be denied food, services and everything else.

Eventually you will have to scan your microchipped hand in order to buy anything or go anywhere. Physical money will no longer exist and your digital funds will be cut off anytime the “powers that shouldn’t be” determine that you are “unapproved”. The central database will determine if you can live your life. I alluded to this dystopian future in my recent article here. The central database will be controlled by AI so good luck in trying to appeal your “unapproved” status. I recently discovered just how corrupt the current legal system is – and it is still run by actual people! Once it is largely controlled by AI, there will be no hope of genuine redress once you have been demoted to the status of “the unapproved”.

My education on how corrupt the legal system is goes like this –

I recently received a driving infringement which I considered to be unjust. A mobile phone camera caught me turning off my Bluetooth, but I was charged with “Driver use mobile phone when not permitted”. (Discussing the wording of that offence is a whole article in itself and I’ll leave that for another day.) I am electro-sensitive and I only have Bluetooth on when I am driving and there is a strong chance that my son may need to contact me. That particular day I had forgotten to turn the Bluetooth function off on my phone. Long story short, I started to feel unwell, turned off my Bluetooth, was photographed holding my phone and sent an infringement.

I ended up in court trying to have an adult conversation with the magistrate about the specific safety aspects of my case and the fact that I was not “using” my mobile phone. On a dual carriage motorway there are no pedestrians and no chance of me straying into the path of an oncoming car, so I did not pose a great safety risk to anyone during the two or three seconds it took to turn off Bluetooth. It was a valuable experience because my naivete led me to witness the corrupt Freemason Protection Racket in action. Yes, that is my new term for our so-called “legal system”: the politico-legal system within which we are all enslaved. I witnessed the method by which the whole politico-legal system privileges “the few” and oppresses “the many”.

I witnessed case after case where people prostrated themselves to a person who acted like, and was treated like, a God. Case after case, people grovelled, metered out their most private vulnerabilities, and outlined their dire financial and health secrets – all in an attempt to get the magistrate’s “favour”. All in an attempt to get some leniency from a person who they didn’t know and to whom they owed nothing. It was sickening to watch the charade. Case after case, they prostrated themselves and in return the magistrate gave them a series of reprimands and stern warnings, and eventually a modicum of leniency.

Apparently it is well known that you must treat the magistrate like a God, saying “Yes Sir, no Sir, three bags full Sir”, and agree to every statement and direction made by this person – even when patently false or detrimental – and in return you are rewarded with a miniscule amount of leniency. This charade keeps the “legal system” bloated with cases, it keeps magistrates and court staff in jobs, and it therefore keeps the whole system generously funded by taxpayer dollars. That day I saw case after case proving that this is how the system works.

However that day I also saw two cases stand out in contrast to this script. One, a younger male who was a drug addict, and two, mine. I did not grovel or prostrate myself to this person looking down on me from above. I simply tried to discuss the FACTS of my case like a couple of adults should be able to do. However, part way into my outlining of the facts, I was rudely interrupted. The person looking down on me from above spoke over me so I could not understand what he had said. When he angrily repeated himself I realised that I was being offered a bribe. “Do you want to do a traffic offender course?“. Not a question about the facts I was outlining, no, not even an attempt to engage with me in a discussion, no, but a complete change of direction AWAY from the facts of my case. Indeed a complete obfuscation of the facts and a return to the usual scenario which is you do as I say and there will probably be some leniency.

I made some comments and asked some questions, as I believed I had the right to do – “I’m sorry, I don’t know what a traffic offender course is” and “Could you please explain the implications for me if I do the course and if I don’t do the course“. Such insolence is clearly rare and was not appreciated. After being given a brochure to learn what a traffic offender course is, I determined that there would be no benefit for me to do the course. I do not drink and drive, I do not do drugs, and I have previously completed several advanced driver training programs – all of the aspects of driving that the course covered. The person looking down on me from above was gobsmacked when I eventually declined his bribe.

Long story short, I was read the riot act about how I had treated the law and the court with contempt. The person looking down on me from above informed me that he should suspend my licence for my lack of remorse for posing such a serious risk to other drivers. My fine was increased by $101 without explanation, and a raft of other court levies were added to my fine – also without explanation – so that I now owe nearly double the original fine. This in contrast to most other cases that day where the fines were reduced because the guilty grovelled.

In contrast yet again is the case of the drug addict. And here is where the corrupt Freemason Protection Racket became clearly visible. The tone and manner of the person looking down on us from above changed dramatically when this young man’s case was heard. This young man had a history of drugs and driving – far more dangerous offences than any of the other cases heard that day. However, all we heard from the person looking down on us from above was a long list of the great achievements of this young man, his genuine attempt to rid himself of his habit, his pathology results showing a “clean” record for X number of months, etc.

The piece de resistance came when the person looking down on us from above came to read his conclusion – the young man will get a small amount of leniency but will still have to serve a short suspension period for his crime. Of course, justice had to be “seen” to be done. The young man then began his pre-agreed grovelling, after which the person looking down on us from above ACTUALLY said the following – “Well, sometimes it pays for a person to continue talking, to continue to plead their case“. The whole charge was then dismissed. It was a pre-orchestrated charade like no other. Clearly the young man had either recently joined the local lodge or he knew a freemason in it. I’ve heard about this network before, I know of other cases where similar agreements have been made, and I am watching it slowly play out in another area of my life, but that day I saw it in action. In plain sight.

This is the real purpose of the politico-legal system. To privilege those “in the know” and to keep the rest of us oppressed. It’s the barrier between the privileged few and the “useless eaters”. It’s the method by which the privilege is created. Do you know anyone who has come away from a legal battle and considers that “justice” was done? How many times have we seen someone “in the know” walk away from a serious charge? George Pell. The current Christian Porter scandal. The current Netanyahu scandal. The Biden election scandal. Maxwell and Epstein. Hollywood paedophiles in general – any of them, just pick one. Our tax dollars are funding a system that keeps those “in the know” above the law, and keeps the rest of us at it’s mercy.

So what’s the relationship between “the powers that shouldn’t be” AKA “the few”, and the Freemason order? Freemasons are, by and large, a network of useful idiots who can’t get through life on their own merits. They are made to feel that they are in a “special club” whereby they unwittingly do the bidding of those at the top – “the few” – and in return are given favourable outcomes and a “helping hand” through life. The masonic occult spiritual practices reinforce the “special” nature of their membership. Freemasons are found mostly in the politico-legal system and they are the foot soldiers who are helping to implement the dystopian goals of “the few”. In all fairness, most freemasons are unaware of what they have gotten themselves into until it is too late. However, for freemasons like Scott Morrison and pretty much all senior members of government, the executive and the judiciary in all countries, they know exactly what they are doing. Trudeau, Macron, Biden, Trump, Boris Johnson, Dan Andrews, even our comrade across the ditch, Ardern – they all know exactly what role they are playing. They might not all technically be freemasons, however they were all put on the fast track to leadership at the point in their careers when, similar to the higher masonic degrees, they demonstrated their willingness to be corrupted.

It really is time to wake up. The politico-legal system that rules the world was set up to oppress us. If you are not “in the know” then you are the target of the system. Most of us have matured enough to realise that the two-party political system is a charade; that no matter who has been elected into power we always get the same policies imposed on us. It’s time now for us to mature a little further and wake up to the fact that this is exactly how the politico-legal system works on the world stage as well. It’s time to wake up to the fact that the concept of the “good superpower” and the “rogue state” is also a charade. One only need to take a look at how much time people like Henry Kissenger and Maurice Strong spent in China. Strong in particular had very strong connections to the CCP, as did his cousin Anna Louise Strong. Similarly, it is also time for World War II and the “Cold War” charade to be better understood. The work of Antony Sutton has documented the largely unknown relationships between the US and the USSR, and the US and Nazi Germany. His series of books titled “Western Technology & Soviet Economic Development” and his books “National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union” and “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” outline the technology, equipment and aid given to the USSR by the US during the period 1917 to 1965. Similarly his book “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” outlines the financial support given to the Nazi Party by Wall Street financiers and other international bankers.These corrupt relationships have been fostered and used to oppress the many. War is NOT about bringing democracy to anyone. War is about furthering the geopolitical objectives of the few. Our sons die in rich men’s wars so that a small number of already wealthy men can firstly, increase their wealth, but most importantly, gain more control over large swathes of land, people and resources. The current war mongering with China is a charade. When the war mongering with Russia failed, they simply had to find a new perceived enemy to keep the population in fear. It is simply another strategy they have up their sleeve to remove more of our rights and freedoms, and to further bring us to our knees so that “the few” can implement their dystopian global Marxist dictatorship that the United Nations has been quietly working on since it replaced the League of Nations after WWII.

The League of Nations was the organisation set up after WWI to formally begin the implementation the Marxist “New World Order”. Russia and China are not “rogue states”. The Bolshevik Revolution/Soviet Union and Communist China have been “trial runs” on how to implement global tyranny. Watch G. Edward Griffin’s series of interviews with Norman Dodd here to fully understand the relationship between Communism and the west. Communism/socialism has been the socio-political tool used by “the few” to implement control over the many, and they are currently making their boldest move to date in trying to control and enslave us. To widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots by implementing their Marxist agenda worldwide under the guise of a global health emergency.

The “pandemic” is the current excuse to increase surveillance, to remove more of our rights, and to destroy our livelihoods. We will be told that they are installing biometric surveillance in supermarkets, public transport, public places, etc. to prevent the unva**inated from spreading “the virus”. However the real intent is to obtain total control over the population – initially to force everyone to take the jab because otherwise you won’t be able to buy food or even leave your home. Next it will be a cyber attack, the planned collapse of the financial system, an attack by a “rogue state”, extreme weather events – any number of possible scenarios that have already been injected into the narrative to alert us to what’s coming, and all to gain more and more control over the population and the planet. It’s all in plain sight.

NORAD war games on 9/11. Dark Winter. Bombing simulation drills in the London Underground on 7/7. Event 201.

These are all simulations that at some point went live. Cyber Polygon is the next simulation. It is being held on July 9th – only one month away. Did you know that the World Economic Forum, the elite think tank who are currently implementing The Great Reset across the globe, have a Centre for Cyber Security? Did you know that the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cyber Security supports Cyber Polygon? Do you know what Cyber Polygon is? Maybe it’s time to find out, and to determine for yourself where it fits in in relation to other simulations that went live.

Once you educate yourself on these issues you will realise that surveillance cameras at Woolworths are, in the big picture, the least of our worries. But they are the next step in the totalitarian tip toe, and each time we allow such tyranny to go unaddressed we are effectively allowing those “in the know” to oppress us and enslave us. That’s how they do it. If we don’t fight back en masse they consider that we have agreed to our own enslavement. We have free will, after all. If an individual tries to fight back, the corrupt and oppressive system of control will quickly silence them – censor them, dismiss their grievances, incarcerate them, ridicule them or ostracise them in some other way. Even murder them. In order to fight this tyranny we need to fight back as a group. We need numbers. We need masses of people to wake up and to be prepared to verbally, physically, and in every other way, reject this tyranny outright

We need to recognise and overcome the divide-and-conquer tactics that have been employed over the past few decades for the purpose of dividing communities and families so we pose less of a risk of retaliation. Beginning with simple programs such as the “Civil Rights Movement” in the 60s and “Second Wave Feminism” in the 70s, artificial divisions have been created in society based on race, sex, religion, politics, age, sexuality/gender orientation, and now so-called “health status”. Our societies are now divided more than ever, due to state/corporate propaganda that has been used to create disagreements and animosity that would not otherwise have occurred. A community at war with itself cannot unite against the real enemy. We need to understand that all of the battles we are fighting have been fabricated, and we need to unite if we are going to win the war.

There are more of us than there are of them. We are the 99%. If we don’t use our free will and our strength in numbers, our kids will eventually become enslaved automatons for the elite, with no ability to express their God-given perfection. They will be told that it’s “cool” to upgrade themselves cybernetically. That transhumanism is the way of the future; that they will be super intelligent, super strong and super successful. They will be told that anyone who dissents from this line of thinking is dangerous. For all the hype and encouragement they are given, all that will eventuate is that they will become the gammas, deltas and epsilons of the Brave New World that has been in the pipeline for centuries. The Brave New World that has as its primary goal, the end of humanity as we know it. The Brave New World that has been meticulously planned by Rockefeller-funded think tanks such as the United Nations. The Brave New World that is currently being rapidly implemented by the World Economic Forum and its cronies.

(If this information is too challenging to your world view, it’s time to upgrade your understanding of how the world really works. Watch these clips here, here and here to get a better understanding of what’s really going on. It’s imperative that more people realise the future that has been planned for humanity so we have a chance to stop it in its tracks.)

Is this the future you want for your kids?

What are you going to do about it?

Maybe it’s time to support me, and people like me, when we make a scene in public by refusing to accept tyranny.

Maybe it’s time to refuse to be locked down; time to keep your businesses open, time to keep travelling and associating freely.

Maybe it’s time to do what most people are too scared to do –


Fear and Loathing In Regional Australia

Today I went for a long drive through regional Australia. I did this because I have the horrible feeling that I won’t have the freedom to do it too often from now on. I took in some magnificent views and burned them into my memory. Amazing rock formations. Valleys. Waterfalls. Forests. Long dirt roads. Rushing rivers. Birds. Cicadas. Wide open plains.

I love Australia. I live in the greatest country in the world.

But what has become of the great Aussie spirit? The robust “can-do” attitude of my forebears? Whilst the landscape hasn’t changed much over the many decades of my life, the strength and fortitude of the people who populate it has. My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were tough and effective people. Not afraid to say it the way it was. But all I saw today was fear.

In order to prompt some interesting conversation, I decided to don one of my new shirts for my road trip. Recently I had several shirts and cups made that state some simple facts and encourage people to think for themselves about the tyranny that has descended on this country. Simple facts like “On average 433 people die each day in Australia. COVID-19 has taken less than 4 people per day. THINK FOR YOURSELF.”

Harmless enough, right? Simple facts that are conspicuously absent from the general conversation on COVID-19. I initially received some generous approval. But once the intent of the shirt had sunk in, all I saw was fear. Obviously the approval was because it appeared that I was complying with and promoting tyrannical demands such as social distancing, hand sanitiser, mask wearing, etc. But when it became apparent that I was in fact questioning the tyranny, I was ostracised and kept at arm’s length. Like I was a leper. Or a criminal.

So how do you conduct a sensible, intelligent conversation about life when other people are too terrified to take part? Too terrified to question the demands that have been imposed on them? Too terrified to ask for proof? Too terrified to question their government? Too terrified to talk objectively about what has happened to us?

I left that pub feeling pretty darned deflated. What hope is there for the future? Our ancestors worked their knuckles to the bone building this country. Many lost their lives fighting in rich mens’ wars to keep this country ours. And now we’re giving it all up because a few older people have died from the flu? Something that happens in every hospital and every nursing home every day of the week. I saw it with my own eyes when caring for my father. It is a sad reality that many older people die from complications related to being bed-bound, such as not being able to swallow properly because they are not sitting upright, and we conveniently used to call it pneumonia. But we now call it “COVID-19”.

Do you know anyone under 70 year of age with no co-morbidities who died from the flu this year? No, me neither.

Do you know anyone who knows anyone under 70 years of age with no co-morbidities who died from the flu this year? No, me neither.

So where on earth is the pandemic?

It’s on the TV. On the radio. And it is certainly on social media. “Flooding” is the technical term for the propaganda that is literally “flooding” our eyes and ears to the point where there is no escape. Unless you disengage from mainstream media completely, there is literally no escape from it. And that’s the only place where the pandemic exists. On the TV. On the radio. On social media. And therefore, in people’s minds. People are addicted to mainstream media. Lapping it all up without a critical thought for what they are consuming.

That’s what I experienced in regional Australia today. When I asked the question – “Can’t you see the dark underside to all these rules? Can’t you see the tyranny taking over? It’s no longer a free country if everything you do is tracked and recorded. What I do and where I go is nobody else’s business” – all I got was a sad old “Karen” bleating – “They know everything I do anyway. I have all my location data turned on and all my identifying data options turned on”.

Wow! She was so proud of herself. So proud to have no boundary between herself and the government/authorities. In mental health circles that is known as “Borderline Personality Disorder” – where the sufferer experiences no differentiation between themselves and other people. They cannot recognise a place in their psyche where they end and the other person begins. Their concept of “self” is distorted and damaged.

Kinda like what Communism/Socialism does to people.

In Communism/Socialism it’s all about the “collective”. Individual rights and responsibilities are devalued in favour of “the greater good”. Whatever that means. And we’ve now reached the point in western democracies where the younger generations have been so brainwashed with socialist nonsense that it’s impossible to discuss freedom, liberty, justice, the free market – all those things that our ancestors fought for. And sadly, we also have a generation of parents who want to be seen as “progressive”, so they actively engage with and espouse the socialist propaganda. Completely oblivious to what is actually going on.

I used to think my mother was embarrassingly conservative. Then I grew up. But most of my generation haven’t. I now feel lucky that there was a generation gap between me and my parents, because I was exposed to the thoughts and experiences of people from the 19th Century. Two of my grandparents were born in the 1800’s. The other two were born in 1900 and 1901. These are the people who built this country. I was privileged to hear stories about the lives of people who came to this country to make a life out of nothing. They were farmers. Dairy farmers, butchers and agriculturalists. Meat, milk, wool and crops. The staples that built this country.

When I finally grew up I realised the significance of what my ancestors modelled to me. Independence. Determination. Hard work. Free spirit. All the qualities that I recognise in myself and value in others. All the qualities that I have come to understand as being characteristic of true free market capitalism. Qualities that are now categorised as “conservative” and “right wing”.

And because most of my generation have jumped on the progressive bandwagon, it’s up to the older generations to speak up for those who came before us. But as the older generations die there is no-one left to speak the truths that need to be spoken. To remind us what “independence” is and what it can achieve. To remind us what a “free spirit” is and how to use it.

So today I went out into the world to model some independence and some free spirit. To show people what determination looks like. To demonstrate how this country was built. To tell the story of our ancestors and how it is the power of the people that gets things done. How our ancestors made their own decisions about how this country was to be built, and then went ahead and built it.

But all I saw was fear.

I loathe fear. It’s such a pointless, immobilising emotion. It’s used by bullies and psychopaths to intimidate their victims. I loathe bullies and psychopaths. But that’s who’s running the show these days. Bullies and psychopaths. Politicians, “philanthropists”, medical “experts” who wouldn’t know one end of a test tube from the other. Who gave them permission to determine my future? I certainly didn’t.

Are you happy to have your future determined by people who have a financial interest in the tyranny that they are imposing on you? Bill Gates will be making SHITLOADS out of the injections that will be forced on you in the near future. Do you not see the conflict of interest there? Do you not see the total lack of logic in every decision that has been made in the past nine months? Would your ancestors have accepted this unjustified tyranny? Our country is being brought to its knees because a small number of people have created a new source of income for themselves. Injections. Inject seven billion people, tell them they will need to keep injecting for years to come, and watch the profits accumulate.

It’s a fraud. It’s an insult to our intelligence. It’s the utmost disrespect to our ancestors to allow these psychopaths to destroy the country our forebears worked so hard to build. I’m doing my bit to fight back. I’m wearing my shirts and drinking tea from my mug. I’m writing articles and tactfully trying to engage people in conversations. I am resisting the tyranny in every way that I can. As I say to my son, “I’m revolting”.

We all need to be revolting if we are going to save this country.

What are you going to do about it?

“ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE RECORDED”: What is surveillance really all about?

In 2015 I wrote an article about surveillance, censorship and privacy because I had become quite alarmed about the blatant attack on privacy and freedom that was taking place. You can read that article here. Since then there has been a drastic escalation in both the amount and the types of surveillance being forced on the population – 99% of whom are innocent of any crime. In my own life I have experienced some deeply troubling developments and so I have been moved to write an update. I hope this article is helpful and informative and I trust that it helps to open people’s eyes about what the surveillance revolution is really all about. Hint – it’s not about catching “the terrorists”!

Today I was in a Woolworths supermarket in regional Australia. At the self-checkout I was confronted with a bold new sticker which literally yelled at me “ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE RECORDED”. Shocked, I looked around and saw that all of the self-checkout screens had the same offensive sticker. WoolworthsI asked the supervising attendant what the sticker meant. She replied “it means that all transactions are recorded”. Wow, that was so helpful. Trying my very best to be patient, I clarified “exactly what is recorded about the transaction?”. And then the propaganda began to gush… “everything is recorded”… “account details”… “personal information”… “it always has been”… “it’s required by law”… “those stickers have always been there”… “by choosing to use a credit card you give us your details by choice”… etc. I was utterly shocked by the intolerant and aggressive tone that accompanied the propaganda, not to mention the blatant lie that the sticker had “always been there”. When I raised this seemingly obvious point she became even more aggressive and asserted that the stickers had indeed always been there. Something in me said “No. No more”. And I refused to allow her to get away with this aggressive campaign of shameless lies.

The only reason I was at Woolworths in the first place is because I recently discovered that my local IGA is in fact not actually “I” (as in “Independent”), so I have reluctantly returned to Woolworths in protest. I discovered that what I knew as Independent Grocers Association (IGA) is in fact now called Independent Grocers of Australia (still IGA) and it is owned by Metcash. I discovered that by-and-large each supposedly “independent” IGA franchise has little control over the stock they carry. The vast majority of product lines they carry and the stock levels they carry are decided by the warehouse managers at Metcash. My recent email inquiry to Metcash about this contradiction in their advertising campaign remains unanswered.


But I digress. Back to the propaganda campaign.

The supervising attendant’s manager was called and promptly appeared. They could be related. In this town they probably are.

The supervising attendant’s manager’s manager was called. The store manager no less. A very decent man who, after initially taking the same line as his subordinates – “by law we must retain and store your information for seven years” – did a magnanimous job of getting the answers I was after. When I requested to view the Woolworths policy and procedure documents outlining the government legislation that necessitated such privacy breaches as well as the documents outlining how staff are to be trained to implement the program, Mr Manager disappeared into the bowels of the store. Several phone calls later and many searches of Woolworths policies later he conceded that they were in the wrong. Whilst ripping the offensive sticker off my self-checkout screen Cash(where I had already paid for my shopping with CASH) he admitted that Woolworths had no right to store and retain my personal details. The store had apparently misinterpreted the initiative known as “Wave One”. The stickers were meant to be placed on staff-operated screens and to be seen by the checkout personnel only. “Wave One” is apparently a new Woolworths loss prevention program – to prevent cash being stolen from checkout tills by checkout staff.

Always been there, eh?

Stickers were ripped off screens.

The aggression vanished.

I was given a box of chocolates and a $20 gift voucher for the inconvenience.

But you know what? I don’t buy it. I can’t believe it. They were all so certain of the meaning of the stickers. That it was about storing the details of every transaction – credit card numbers; bank account details; items purchased. And they were so sure that “it has been government policy for twenty five years” to store the details of every transaction. The only thing that has changed is that “now we have to tell you that we are doing it”. This is the scary part: the aggressive totalitarian surveillance propaganda just spewed out of them automatically and it was only because I asked for evidence of their claims that they retreated and stopped snarling at me with salivating bared teeth.

What if I hadn’t protested? What if, like most people, I just accepted their surveillanceCensorship propaganda? What if I just accepted that they had a right to record and store my personal information and there was nothing I could do about it? Clearly everyone around me was doing that. The looks, the headshakes and general embarrassment told me that I should just shut up and get on with my day. The level of aggression and intolerance and discomfort told me to stop “questioning”. Stop “making a scene”.

Stop… making sense.

I imagine I will be waiting a long time for the Woolworths “Wave One” documents I requested. They have my email address but I won’t be holding my breath. “Wave One” of what I wonder? Will “Wave Two” be the actual implementation of such an aggressive surveillance policy? Is “Wave One” just a trial run to see how people will react to it?

(UPDATE 19/10/2017:  I was recently in another Woolworths supermarket in a different town in regional Australia and guess what? The same stickers were plastered on all of the self-checkout screens. Deja vu. What are the chances that two managers from two different stores have misinterpreted the “Wave One Loss Prevention Program” in exactly the same way? Pretty slim to none would be my answer. So I now have good reason to believe that my gut reaction was correct – “Wave One” is a trial run of an aggressive privacy-destroying surveillance program.)

Orwell. That’s what I keep coming back to these days. More and more. Orwell. 1984. It was no ordinary novel. Power. Control. Fear. And we are living it in Australia in 2017 even though we have had plenty of warning. Interviews like this one from 2014 are important tools for educating the public, so why do so few people get to see them?

Since I wrote that first article on surveillance in 2015 I have been the target of surveillance in my own home. My house has been broken into several times with nothing stolen. Locks have mysteriously broken. Electrical appliances have been interfered with. Text Surveillance1messages have been interfered with. My computer has been accessed remotely. My email files have been altered and a program has been installed that can re-direct my incoming messages, and reply to my messages before deleting them – possibly before I read them. I recently found a device that appeared to be a bug or transmitter of some sort. I didn’t have my glasses on at the time and I just presumed it was part of my son’s electronics project, so after handling it I left it in the box where I found it. It was a small white plastic device with two or three tiny aerials coming out of it, in a miniature zip-lock plastic bag. When I questioned my son about it later that day, he denied any knowledge of the device. I went looking for it to show him, only to discover that it had vanished. I turned the house upside down in a frenzy looking for it but I eventually had to concede that it was gone.

Therefore, I had to face the fact that someone had broken into my home and removed the device that afternoon when I went out to pick up my son from school.

Therefore, I had to face the fact that someone was watching my home and monitoring my movements.


So WTF am I supposed to do with this information? WTF can I do about it???

I called the police after the first time that my home was broken into. The lovely constable duly wrote down everything I told her about the gate latch not being as we left it, and the front door being unlocked when we came in. But when I got to the bit about our clocks having been interfered with, she seemed a little reluctant. When I told her that I could prove what time the clocks had been turned back on, and therefore what time the intruders had been in my home, she seemed even more uncomfortable. “Has anything been stolen….?”. “No”. When I said that each clock had been turned back on at a different time therefore it was not a power outage, she really started squirming. Facial expressions give a lot away about a person’s thoughts.

OK. I get it. It’s weird stuff. But it happened. I swear on my mother’s memory that it happened.

So the next time the house was broken into without anything being stolen, I kept my mouth shut. And so on.

As these incidents have mounted so has my dismay. Why me? Why am I such as threat? I’m such small fry. In the scheme of things I’m a nobody in the world of alternative journalism – or “fake news” as it is now called. There are so many other highly successful independent journalists and publications who reach hundreds of thousands of people with their work. I’ve written five articles (read them here) and I used to publish information on a Twitter account which hardly anyone read because of the restricted reach algorithm that was applied to it shortly after I started it (also known as “shadow-banning”). Ditto for the Facebook page I abandoned a few years ago.


Five articles. A largely inactive Twitter account and a totally inactive Facebook account. That’s it. And I’m being treated like a dangerous underworld criminal.

Maybe I’ve been targeted by an asshole with too much time on his hands who has worked out that I do not entirely practice what I preach when it comes to privacy and surveillance. He’s getting some sort of sick kick out of showing me how easy it is for him to access my home and my computer, making me look like a fraud for promoting privacy in this era of surveillance.

Recently I stumbled across this eye-opening interview by Abby Martin about the Deep Web which may explain why I have made myself a target. The Deep Web contains a small encrypted online communication network called the Dark Web or Dark Net. It is an encrypted space offering anonymised private communication. I wrote about the Dark Net, encryption and anonymising software in my 2015 article and made reference to them (and other methods for maintaining your privacy and freedom) in my very amateur unrehearsed one-take You Tube clip here. Martin’s interview outlines how so-called national security organisations such as the NSA are highly threatened by individuals who develop and promote such methods because firstly, it alerts the public to the ongoing attack on our privacy and freedom and secondly, it gives the innocent public avenues for maintaining their privacy and freedom. Outrageous precedent-setting prison sentences have been handed down to people like Barrett Brown and Ross Ulbricht who have developed and promoted methods for circumventing totalitarian anti-privacy and anti-freedom surveillance schemes imposed by the state. Aaron Schwartz took his own life after being targeted by the US government because he was a  passionate advocate of freedom, specifically, freedom of access to information. He was a brilliant code writer who developed ways to circumvent the requirement to pay for downloading academic journal articles – for which he was indicted. He also developed ways to help people protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which is probably the real reason why he was targeted. Because of his actions the anti-freedom SOPA bill was defeated, and the government eventually targeted him to “make an example” of him. The pressure was too much and on January 11th 2013 Aaron tragically took his own life. In contrast, in Australia the corresponding bill – the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Act 2015 – sailed through both houses of parliament on June 22nd 2015 without even a whimper of protest. Mostly, I suspect, because Australians were too busy checking their Facebook status and uploading selfies to Instagram.

So maybe that’s why someone seems to want to know what I’m up to – because I promote ways of maintaining privacy and freedom, and I give my readers the ability to access the truth. These are the things that are most threatening to the powers that be. In my original article on surveillance I sFreedomhowed my readers how to access methods to maintain their privacy and freedom, and on my Twitter page I gave my readers access to sources who disseminate truth. And because privacy and freedom and truth are antithetical to surveillance and to state-sponsored totalitarian control of the population, it appears that I am now a ‘problem’. If people knew the truth about surveillance they certainly would not be begging the government for more of it to protect them from ‘the terrorists’. As I stated in my 2015 article –

“Spying on innocent people is clearly a pretty lazy, unsophisticated and ineffective approach to national security. Clogging up security storage networks with vast amounts of information on innocent people only hinders an agency’s ability to focus on any actual terrorists due to the massive information management burden it creates. It’s obvious that the extent of surveillance we now deal with on a daily basis is not really about catching “the terrorists” at all.  It’s increasingly about monitoring everyone’s movements. Monitoring what we do, where we go, who we associate with, and most disturbingly it’s about monitoring the flow of information. Recent changes to the policies of government minions Facebook and Google indicate that these corporations have actually taken the next step. They are now controlling the flow of information.”

Since I wrote this passage we have seen the rapid escalation of online surveillance and censorship to prevent so-called “fake news”.  This is what I meant back then by “controlling the flow of information”. In other words, denying access to ‘unauthorised’ information; forcing a particular version of events on people; telling people what ‘the truth’ is; controlling what people can know; influencing what people believe.

It’s a form of mind control.

And that’s what surveillance is really all about. Control. Control of people. Their thinking. Their behaviour. Control of their entire lives. It’s 1984 in action. Surveillance is about keeping the public dumbed-down, fearful, powerless, too afraid to think for themselves, and unable to identify the truth. We used to call it igRebellionnorance or stupidity and it was a much-maligned state of being. But according to my former friends and the shoppers in the regional Woolworths store I was in today, it’s now highly encouraged. In the past we used to make up our own minds about issues. Now groupthink is forced upon us through fear-laden war porn and propaganda from monopolised media outlets, as well as through new phenomena such as social media, “political correctness”, targeted advertising and “advertorials”, and politicised school/university curricula. The intrusion of power-hungry corporations into our lives under the guise of “knowing what’s best for you” because “experts know best” and “the research proves it” is particularly insidious and confusing for most people. I spent many years in academic research and I know damn good and well how easy it is to conduct fraudulent research in order to get the results you want. The non-disclosure agreements that researchers must sign ensure that the public is never alerted to dodgy methodology or “inconvenient” outcomes.

So this is the sad and sorry state of affairs in 2017. As I have discovered, if you dare to step out of ignorance you will be ostracised, treated with suspicion, and potentially become the victim of covert surveillance and harassment. If you want to “fit in” and not draw attention to yourself then don’t think for yourself and always believe what “authorised” sources tell you to believe. Don’t rock the boat and don’t question authority. And above all, don’t engage in any behaviour that even remotely resembles the promotion of freedom and truth.

Is this really the future you want for your kids?