Facebook Privacy1

PRIVACY:  1. The right to be free from secret surveillance and to determine whether, when, how, and to whom, one’s personal or organizational information is to be revealed. 2. Someone’s right to keep their personal matters and relationships secret. 3. The state of being apart from other people or concealed from their view.

(UPDATED: OCT 2018)  It’s been an interesting journey, not doing Facebook. At the end of 2014 when Facebook introduced their most obscene privacy violations to date, I could no longer justify being part of the massive social experiment – or as it is otherwise known, the massive FBI/NSA data grab and surveillance behemoth. I posted articles alerting my Facebook friends to the implications of these insidious privacy violations and a small number of them showed tentative concern. However, over three years later, they are all still hard at it.

I logged on to Facebook recently to determine if anyone else had woken up to the psyop, only to confirm that now more than ever friendships are primarily conducted on social media. In those 45 months of absence from the platform they areFacebook Friendships all still at it, more intensely than ever. Yet their contact with me has dwindled to zero. I no longer even get the obligatory token “Happy Birthday” message when they are prompted to send me one.

OK, so maybe they think I will not get the messages because I have left Facebook. Many of them have my email address and my mobile number, so a quick text or short email? Nope. Many of them have my postal address and could send me a birthday card like we did in the old days? Nope again. I’m one of the few people who still have a landline, so a quick “Hi, how’s things” maybe? That’s how we used to do friendship maintenance. Buuuuuuuuuut, nope. A big fat NOPE. Nothing. It’s like I no longer exist. Like I unknowingly stepped through a space/time portal that delivered me into another set of dimensions, but I’m somehow still on the same planet.


It’s not a generational thing because nearly all of my (former) Facebook ‘friends’ are my age or older, so they certainly should remember how we did it in the past. In the BFB era. You know, Before FaceBook. But they’ve all been sucked in. Posting their entire lives andFacebook Addiction children’s development online, for all to see.

To give it some perspective, let’s go back a decade or two. You know, BFB……

The thought of putting one of my family photo albums in the local library for everyone to flick through is cringe-worthy to say the least. The words ‘strange’, ‘egotistical’, and ‘show-off’ come to mind. Sending photos of my dinner through the post to 157 friends makes me keel over in laughter. The act of taking a photo of my dinner in the first place is just utter nonsense. If I’d re-posted all the junk mail from my letterbox to everyone I know I’d have been locked up as a public nuisance. And as for asking me to give over my credit card number or banking details, you’d have been laughed out of town. These details were kept private – even from family and friends.

Back then we didn’t have to surrender all of our personal details just to buy a ticket to see a band or to catch the train. We just used to hand over the cash. Anonymously. We travelled anonymously. And associated with others, anonymously. Now, there’s a record of when and where you use the train; a record of what concerts you attend. And if you use Facebook the way most people do, there’s a record of your entire life. And this is the most insidious privacy breach of all because Facebook users are publishing it VOLUNTARILY.

So who do you blame when you voluntarily publish all your personal information and it goes pear-shaped? When your details are shared with people they shouldn’t be shared with, à la the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal? Mark Zuckerberg? Do you think you can get some justice by blaming Mark Zuckerberg?Facebook Privacy?? Sure, Zuckerberg was grilled by Congress recently and he gave ten long hours of testimony. No mean feat for someone with his social skills. He got some tough questions. And he made US$3,000,000,000 (AUD$3,859,500,000) in the process, making him the world’s 7th richest person. Yes folks, in the time that he fronted Congress, Facebook’s total market value rose by US$23,000,000,000 (AUD$29,589,500,000). So much for justice. Do you really believe that Mark Zuckerberg gives a bugger about your personal details?

Meanwhile, as Zuckerberg ponders how he is going to spend the billions he has made at your expense, your personal details are still in the wrong hands. And so-called ‘privacy breaches’ are still going to happen. Privacy statements mean squat when there’s a hack or a security breach. After a hack or an ‘error of judgement’, your personal information will then be in the hands of people you never gave permission to have it. And there is nothing that you can do about it. The damage is done, and there can never be justice when the damage is already done. It’s like giving birth – you can’t change the result: blaming your partner isn’t going to change the result.

When you hand over your personal information, you are, by definition, losing control of it.

When you voluntarily serve up your personal details you have no-one to blame but yourself when it goes pear-shaped because you are the one breaching your own privacy by handing over your details in the first place.

The only solution is to maintain control over your personal details and to maintain your privacy in general. Like we did in days gone by. Forty months ago I realised that things had gone too far. I felt very uncomfortable with what I was routinely being asked to do even thoughThink1 other people seemed fine with it. So I decided to step out of the hive mind/collective slumber and to trust my own inner knowing: I decided to think for myself.

I stopped publishing my life on Facebook. I stopped handing out my personal details to strangers. I refused to agree to outrageous ‘Terms of Service’ and so-called ‘Privacy Statements’. I missed out on events and experiences. I started taking notice of the growth of mass surveillance, data mining and privacy breaches. I started taking notice of the general degradation of the concepts of privacy and the individual, and I made many enemies by refusing to comply with outrageously unnecessary requests for my personal information. For example, I recently had my bank account blocked because I refused to hand over insanely personal information that my bank DID NOT NEED to administer my account, yet they tried to coerce it out of me with frighteningly aggressive and intimidating methods. I can promise you that refusing to allow Westpac/St George to violate my privacy was one of the most satisfying things I have ever done. A mighty double middle finger salute to the “Compliance Department” at Westpac/St George! Have a nice day!!

So by-and-large I have maintained an ‘old fashioned’ level of privacy – albeit with less ‘friends’.

I think, therefore I am.


I think Descartes was on to something. Thinking and doubting. Logic and privacy. If I am not in control of my personal information, can I have privacy? By definition, the answer is no. So by even the most basic process of logic, the conclusion is –

“If I give up control of my personal information then I cannot have privacy.”

It’s that simple.

Or is it?

After logging on to Facebook and scrolling through my newsfeed – which I haven’t done for nearly four years – I started noticing posts from organisations that I do not recall “Following”. The reason that they caught my attention was because the organisations are quite familiar to me. They are organisations or businesses that I have made credit card transactions with recently, or even just sent an email to recently. Sometimes very recently. As in FOUR DAYS AGO. And they are NOT businesses that I normally do business with.

So here’s the facts –

  1. I don’t use Facebook for nearly four years.
  2. I use my credit card at a business or send an email to a business that I certainly do not remember “Following” and haven’t done business with for years, if ever.
  3. As soon as four days later I log onto Facebook and their posts show up on my newsfeed.

You don’t have to be too bright to work out what’s going on here. The details of every  digital transaction we make are being recorded and that information is available to any organisation for a fee. And it’s not just credit card purchases either – it’s search engine results, browsing history details, locations visited, even the contents of your text messages* and conversations captured by Alexa, Google home, etc. Your entire life is being recorded and passed on to third parties now that everything is becoming more and more technology-based and people are living their entire lives online. Next time you are faced with a “Privacy Policy” or “Terms of Use” document, don’t just tick the box. By law you must read a document before you sign it anyway. The contents should shock you. When Mark Zuckerberg originally realised that people would happily publish their personal information for all the world to see, he described them as “dumb fucks”. Doesn’t that make you stop and think? Not even for just a few seconds??? It seems that over time everyone has forgotten that mind-boggling insult. And everyone has been sucked into the vortex of surveillance and control.

Happy family using technologies while sitting on sofa at homeNow we’re all brainwashed into believing that we “must have” the “latest” “convenience” items – mobile phone apps, iPads, Sat Navs, smart phones, smart TV, smart this, smart that. Brainwashed into believing that we need “connectivity” 24/7. And these days people literally ARE “connected” to their smartphones. But all it’s doing for us is de-skilling us and ENSLAVING us.

I’ve been very vocal about this issue for some years now. Most of my articles on this website are about surveillance and privacy. I just happened to be inquisitive enough to go down the rabbit hole long before most other people did. It’s heartening to see that some people are finally starting to wake up to the REALITY of what’s closing in on us. But most people are still stuck in the delusion: too scared to contemplate stepping out of the hive mind. Mostly totally oblivious to the fact that these methods of enslavement are destroying our privacy, freedom, and way of life.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, Paypal, etc. They are all just pawns in the game of the massive surveillance and control behemoth that is corralling us into the Brave New World of 1984. For some reason I am able to see the big picture: I see patterns in microcosms, and this creates the macrocosm for me. When I look at the world in 2018 I see the same pattern being played out in a variety of contexts. That pattern is –

  1. The destruction of privacy, freedom and liberty.
  2. More specifically, the destruction of individual sovereignty, of freedom of choice and of self-determination.
  3. The encroachment of the state and powerful state-sanctioned monopolies into our lives.
  4. The destruction of morals, ethics and the fabric of western democratic society in general.

Crony Capitlaism2In combination with pro-monopoly legislation and outrageous increases in bureaucracy and red tape, point 3 above is killing off small- and medium sized businesses. This in turn creates less competition and less choice for consumers as huge multinationals move in and take over the marketplace.

Tyranny is the new capitalism.

Some people call this totalitarianism. Others argue that we are actually teetering very closely on the edge of communism. In my previous articles I have called it “global socialist dictatorship”. The older I get the more I have realised that these political and economic terms are all interchangeable. Communism, socialism, fascism, dictatorship, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, corporate crony capitalism…… it’s all just smoke and mirrors. Semantics. In practice they are all just different forms of TYRANNY. They are all just versions of the same basic structure –

  1. A small ruling elite, who enforce their rule by means of –
  2. A powerful military and a militarised police force.
  3. An unhealthy alliance between the state and the means of production.
  4. An unhealthy alliance between the state and the media, which creates –
  5. A largely misinformed and powerless population.

NWOSlaveryAnd this is now being played out on a global scale. Think NATO. Think “Global Governance” (the goal of the United Nations). Think so-called “fake news” and the fact that hundreds of accounts of respectable, well-researched journalists and writers are currently being purged from Facebook because they question authority. This is the “New World Order” as some have called it. Even good old George Bush senior referred to it many times in his speeches. Watch some of them here and here. And we only have ourselves to blame, because we just can’t get enough of that “must have” technology that gives us so much “convenience” and “connectivity”. That which saves us from being embarrassingly “old fashioned”.

Surveillance is not about catching “the terrorists”, folks. And it’s not about preventing “fake news” and “hate speech”. Surveillance is just one method being used to lead us all into global tyranny. And Facebook is just one type of surveillance being used to herd us into this slavery.

When are YOU going to Wake Up?

When are YOU going to take a stand to protect your children’s future???


For more information about surveillance, privacy and tyranny in general, please visit my Twitter page here where I regularly re-tweet articles that outline how this global agenda is being implemented.

*I recently texted a friend of mine about a power outage I was having. The next time I logged onto Twitter, tweets advertising generators for power outages appeared repeatedly on my feed all day. NEVER before had such tweets appeared on my feed. And I don’t do Twitter on my phone, only on my P.C. which is hard-wired into the wall and has no connection whatsoever to my phone.