Has The Perpetual War Arrived?

If an attacker is one whose force cannot be undermined or weakened in anyway, what then?

If the adversary is entirely elusive, and cannot even be identified, what then?

What if we could never know when an attack was coming?

What if we were told that the attacks would go on forever?

The War With No End.

The Ultimate War.

The Perpetual War.

I believe that war has begun.

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My last article highlighted a “Potty Professor” and his “meteor theory” of viruses. He believes that illness are caused by viruses that are brought to earth by passing meteors. The base theory is called “Panspermia” and COVID-19 is being used to re-hash this obscure theory. After a brief but enlightening email exchange with said Professor, the most terrifying penny dropped for me.

It is interesting that there has been no real effort made to identify the original cause of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. Even now, a year after it took the western world by storm, we are still in the dark. Watch this short discussion here. The wet market theory is sheer nonsense, but most people have accepted it – I guess because they have no real option. But it wouldn’t take much to suddenly announce “We have found the REAL cause of the outbreak!“, especially if they need to cover up the fact that it was accidentally released from a lab in Wuhan. And because people have been whipped into a frenzy of fear they will currently believe anything.

In a state of fear, which is a base survival state, people are literally unable to think clearly. The biochemistry of fear and trauma shuts down normal brain processes and sends blood to the extremities to prioritise the ability to physically deal with whatever threat has presented itself. Literally to fight or flee (“fight or flight“). Of recent years we have also added the term “freeze” to this phrase, due to the phenomenon where animals literally freeze when they are overpowered by a threat. They play dead. When they identify that there is no escape from the attack, they go into a self-preservation mode which looks like death. So we now refer to the “survival” response as “fight, flight or freeze“.

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I believe that people are currently in the “freeze” state – they have become paralysed by their fear. Firstly, there is nothing tangible to fight or flee from. Secondly, the media, government and “medical” authorities have ensured that the fear propaganda is so all-encompassing and never-ending (a technique known as “flooding”), that the average Joe/Jo-anne is completely paralysed by it. It is in this state that people are most vulnerable – unable to think critically, rationally or sensibly. They are also most vulnerable to COMPLETELY ridiculous propaganda.

So, with 99.9% of people paralysed by fear, what if the media announced that COVID-19 was coming from space? It was being dropped on us by naturally occurring meteors. Or even better, that it was an attack by aliens? COVID-19 is a bio-weapon being used by a hostile race of aliens who want earth for its resources. Yes, this may seem like the craziest idea I’ve ever proposed, but we are living in crazy times. The extent of the lies, propaganda and tyranny being imposed on us is breathtaking, and it is clearly for the purpose of conditioning the population to accept ever-increasing amounts of nonsense.

It doesn’t really matter whether it is meteors or aliens. For the sake of credibility I would choose meteors if discussing this in public – as if saying that COVID-19 was dropped on earth by a meteor would command credibility! The bottom line is that the narrative can be planted in the minds of a terrified population that COVID-19 is coming from out of this world and “it is the biggest threat known to humanity and it will take all of our collective co-operation and resources to combat it“. It reminds me of the comments repeatedly made by Ronald Reagan many years ago about “the alien threat”. Watch him here and here.

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Space Invaders: Meteors or Aliens?

This narrative has been primed to slot right in at any point now. I’ve noted the following developments of recent times –

  1. The rise/resurgence of alien interest groups and alien propaganda
  2. The rise in “space war” propaganda
  3. The creation of the US “Space Force” for no pressing reason
  4. The exponential rise in the release of mini-satellites (that could be re-purposed to monitor the “space invaders”)
  5. The re-release of “viruses from space” literature and propaganda (the 1979 book “Diseases from Outer Space” was conveniently re-released last year)
  6. The exponential rise in “War with China” propaganda and divide and conquer strategies in general. This always occurs in the pre-war period to whip the population into an aggressive war-mode.

Irrespective of whether they choose the meteor narrative or the alien narrative, we will have no hope of ever controlling the “threat”, let alone defeating it. We will be pushed into a permanent state of war against the unidentifiable and undefeatable enemy. We will be told the most ridiculous narrative about where the latest attack/deposit is, and everyone in the general area will be forced into immediate lockdown.

Does that remind you of anything? Have you read the book “1984” lately? Do you recall that one day the perpetual war was with Eurasia, and then the next day it was with East Asia? People just came to accept that it could happen like that because they had been beaten into submission by a raft of tyrannical and oppressive measures. Sound familiar? The Thought Police?? The Memory Hole???

Image result for 1984 perpetual war

I find it fascinating that the opening line of the Wikipedia entry for “Nations of Nineteen Eighty Four” is this – “All that Oceania’s citizens know about the world is whatever the Party wants them to know“. This recent documentary brilliantly outlines the role of government and media in the brain washing and intimidation of the population in regards to COVID-19 and injections.

It is only a step away folks. We are at a point in history where the media could announce that “COVID-19 came from a meteor, we can’t do anything about it, and we all must do X,Y and Z so the virus doesn’t kill us all“. The 99.9% would be putty in the hands of the media. They will scream for more vaccines, more lockdowns, more masks, more anal swabs. They will fight over toilet paper and cans of baked beans. They will voluntarily keep themselves hostage in their own homes and happily dob in their neighbours who dare to go for a walk after dark. They will allow their aging parents to die of loneliness because it is “the right thing to do”. They will be immune to common sense. And the government will continue to push their warlike propaganda –

Lockdown is Peace. Freedom is Dangerous. Groupthink is Strength.

And it will never end.

The Perpetual War.

Is this the future you want for your kids?

What are you going to do about it?


Author: Brightspark

Brightspark is an independent journalist based in regional Australia. She founded News Media Truth in 2015.

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