Disinformation as far as the eye can see…

I’ve been researching global issues for many years now. I began with medicine and health, and by delving into certain aspects of the pharmaceutical industry one tends to uncover a whole world of corruption and deceit. Once an intelligent and benevolent person goes down that rabbit hole, it is impossible to not discover the web of corruption and deceit that connects all industries.

However, “the powers that shouldn’t be” don’t want us to notice the web, so they go to great lengths to make us believe that all of the major pillars of industry and society are independent and unrelated. Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Media, Big Data, Big Banking & Finance, Big Politics, Big Retail, Big Legal & Accounting… the list goes on. At face value most people would be hard pressed to notice any links between the general day-to-day operations of these industries. But it’s times like these that it becomes clear that these industries are following the same agenda.

Big Media are now censoring for Big Pharma by keeping all reference to adverse reactions (to injections) out of reach. Big Data will soon be conducting surveillance for Big Pharma by tracking who has had “the injection”. Big Politics is implementing draconian regulations for Big Pharma, so they can make billions of dollars from “the injection”. Big Retail is making billions of dollars more than usual because Big Politics have implemented tyrannical regulations that have destroyed small and medium sized enterprises (SME). Big Ag (and billionaires in general) are buying up failed family farms and other properties in default due to the economic shutdown, ensuring that Big Banking & Finance stay bloated in the most stomach-turning example of disaster capitalism ever witnessed. Big Pharma, in cahoots with Big Politics, Big Banking & Finance, Big Media, Big Retail and Big Data, will soon announce the urgent need for a biometric “injection passport” to counter the numerous faked digital versions. It will operate via biometric scanning and microchip. When the inevitable collapse of Big Banking & Finance occurs, the ensuing catastrophe will be used to claim the need to replace hard currency with a biometric-based digital currency – again, operating via biometric scanning and microchip. It’s been a stepwise progression to this point, with “chipped” credit cards, “Paywave” and “temperature scanning” playing their role in moving the population to the point where biometric scanning and a microchip are simply the next logical steps in the evolution of “technology”. This will be the crowning glory of the global web of corruption and deceit as it will completely enslave the 99.9%. Your access to money and your ability to operate in the everyday world will be turned off instantaneously anytime you dissent or step out of line. China’s “social credit score” has been the prototype. And of course, Big Media and Big Legal & Accounting will continue to protect all of the above from any and all genuine challenge.

– See book by Dr Udo Ulfkotte “Presstitutes: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA ” previously known as “Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News”. Find it on Amazon here.

Most intelligent people would recognise that Big War and Big Oil have had a dominating influence over geopolitical decisions for the past 100 years or so. However very few people would recognise that other industries such as Big Activism, Big Charity and Big Religion are also major players in the global web of corruption and deceit. Big Activism and Big Charity are there to ensure that global problems are never solved. There is far too much money and political leverage to be gained from ongoing “efforts” to solve global problems. And Big Religion is there to ensure that you don’t have a direct relationship with your creator. To ensure that your spiritual and ethical lives are controlled.

It takes a while to discover the links between all these industries. You won’t find it on the six O’clock news. You won’t find any reference to it in the daily newspapers. Certainly not on mainstream social media either. No, it takes dedication to work it out. The journalists who cover each of these industries tend to specialise in their industry and rarely branch out, thus reinforcing the notion of independence and lack of relationship between industries. It is only on entering the world of “alternative media” that one encounters people who can join the dots and can write about the toxic and corrupt relationships between these industries. After a while the disinformation agents, “controlled opposition” and propaganda merchants are pretty easy to identify. For a smart, dedicated person who does their cross checking, it is pretty easy to spot disinformation. Or it has been up until recently.

In my opinion, in recent months there has been a quantum shift in the quality and amount of disinformation circulating in the alternative media. Beginning a few years back in subtle ways, disinformation has recently ramped up to an extreme level. Movements like Q Anon have hoovered up unsuspecting good-hearted people who simply don’t know enough about the topics that catch their interest. For those of us who have been around for some years, the Q Anon phenomenon was just embarrassing nonsense from the start. However, the disturbing part is that there have been many groups or individuals who, after previously producing credible and reliable information, have suddenly taken on a whole new agenda.

I’m referring mainly to content from North America, where even some calm and measured content creators have recently become disinformation whores. Maybe that was “the plan” all along? Suck people in with genuine information for several years and then BOOM! Manipulate the loyalty of their followers and turn them into nutters who believe that Donald Trump is the messiah.

There is certainly a bigger agenda going on when unsuspecting people get caught up in disinformation campaigns. When one aspect of the disinformation is discredited, then by extension all beliefs of these groups are discredited. It is a fairly efficient way to dispose of genuine dissent. Suck people in with some genuine concerns, throw in some rubbish, wait until the rubbish is discredited, then summarily dismiss their other grievances.

My choice to write an article about this issue is because the degree to which this is now happening is of great concern. Unless a person has done a substantial amount of background research using primary sources (and not just relying on something they heard or read on the internet), it is a minefield out there on the internet right now. Finding and digesting information from the right sources is becoming increasingly difficult due to this global disinformation psyop – of which censorship is an integral part. I have written about this several times, referring to “controlling the flow of information”. It has now entered a particularly insidious phase, where all fact-based dissent is censored and the producers of it are prevented from publishing. Permanently. And creators who were previously seemingly reliable have become the enemy – leading their lambs to the slaughter.

This is what a descent into tyranny looks like folks.

I have recently come across an example of this in Australia, where a previously professional and credible pair of gentlemen were delivering quality and timely economic information that contradicted the “authorised” narrative. They have consistently published valid and important “insider information” regarding economic and financial issues that could make or break the average family. However, they have now branched out into content that verges on conspiracy theory. Their most recent offering claims that the current “pandemic” was caused by a virus that was dropped on earth by a meteor. I nearly fell off my chair when I first heard that reference. The apparent “professor” they were interviewing completely undermined his whole “meteor theory” on numerous occasions during the interview. After watching the interview to the end (which was quite difficult) I was left stunned, wondering if I had missed some significant development in critical thought. I normally don’t bother reading through the comments on You Tube (to avoid the aggressive ad hominems) but I couldn’t help myself this time. I needed to validate my shock. And to my relief, there was a multitude of comments that were critical of the descent into la la land for these two gentlemen.

However, I’m left wondering what is actually going on here. Are these guys actual disinformation agents who have sucked in many people with their accurate assessments of policy and legislation? Only to lead everyone down the garden path with this recent utter nonsense? So the genuine dissent over economic and political problems can be discredited when the “meteor theory” is discredited? Or are these guys genuine victims of nefarious actors within government, banking and finance who have set them up with this professor and his “meteor theory”? Setting them up for their whole catalogue of professional material to be discredited when “meteor man” is discredited? Shutting down genuine dissent about dodgy banking practices and tyrannical legislation when the “potty professor” is called out?

A few months ago I watched a live interview conducted by a small political organisation where they discussed some pertinent economics, finance, banking and geopolitics issues. The interview had a live chat attached to it and I noticed one of the above mentioned fellows taking an active role in the live chat. However his demeanor was vastly different from what I had experienced of him up to that point. He was quite verbose and critical of the interviewer, and I was left wondering if he was drunk, or if it was an imposter. It was very out of character for him. This, in combination with the crazy virus theory outlined in his recent videos, has led me to conclude that he may well be a disinformation agent. Furthermore, this man is an agent for precious metal merchants, espousing the benefits of gold and silver in the coming financial collapse. He tactfully avoids conducting conversations with me when I point out the very real possibility of confiscation, such as what happened in 1933. In my opinion this is a particularly sadistic form of disaster capitalism.

After all of the great material he has produced, and all of the valiant and honorable personal qualities he has espoused, I am left quite gutted that this phenomenon could happen so close to home.

It just goes to show how completely coordinated the global web of corruption and deceit actually is. It explains why many so-called “alternative journalists” continue to publish vast amounts of disinformation, while small fry like myself – who deal in factual dissent – get shutdown, have my emails and other communications intercepted and/or deleted, have my home broken into with nothing stolen, and have “friends”, family, neighbours and others inform on me and try to set me up. I can guarantee folks, that the military, national security organisations and intelligence organisations are not about “National Security” as we understand it. They are not about protecting the interests of our nation, or about bringing “democracy” to other nations. They are about protecting the interests of “the powers that shouldn’t be”. Protecting the global web of corruption and deceit.

The web that you find at the top of elite organisations such as the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, the World Council of Churches, and the Freemason/De Molay order to name a few. There are increasing numbers of private foundations and corporations such as the Carlyle Group, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the GAVI Alliance that also form part of the web.

And they are currently making their final move to enslave us all.

What are you going to do about it?