The Ministry of Truth

Do you remember “The Ministry of Truth” from Nineteen Eighty Four? The department where they wrote/re-wrote the news? Do you remember “The Memory Hole”? Where Winston used to dispose of “history” that The Party wanted to change? And do you remember the mandate of the firefighters in Fahrenheit 451 ? To burn all books? Well, I have come across a startling set of facts that show we are right in the middle of everything we were warned about. It is happening right now. Right in front of our faces. Re-writing history, removing access to books, being denied access to information.

It all began with the “Fake News” psyop a few years ago. Average Jo was brain washed into believing that information was dangerous, and he could only believe the “trusted sources”. More recently we have been told that we are not competent enough to do our own research or to reach our own conclusions. In July this year Forbes Magazine stated “You Must Not Do Your Own Research When It Comes To Science”. Now, under the guise of a so-called global health crisis, access to books and information is being permanently removed. Apparently books are now dangerous for our health.

The Hathi Trust is an organisation whose mandate is to digitise all books. Since 2008 they have been encouraging large libraries, mostly university libraries, to join the Trust. I imagine that most of the libraries who have joined the Hathi Trust had no idea that signing up meant signing over all control over their assets. I imagine that ALL of the libraries who signed up had no idea that a so-called global health crisis could be used to take control of the world’s books. Here’s how all of those libraries lost control of their books –

As a result of the so-called global health crisis, the Hathi Trust have implemented their “Emergency Temporary Access Service” (ETAS), whereby all universities who are part of the Trust must close. As part of this policy, access to books is no longer permitted and it appears that this is permanent because the so-called global health crisis is not going away anytime soon. The public and even alumni (past students) will not be permitted to use these libraries at all. Ever again. No more walking into the local university library and meandering up and down the aisles of wonderful books. No more finding a seat at a window and reading an amazing book that you can only find in a library of this calibre.

But the good news? Current students, faculty and staff are allowed to use the SERVICES in these libraries even though access to the books is prohibited. In areas where the population is not in active lockdown, if a current student, faculty or staff member wishes to borrow a book, they can order it online and they are instructed to pick it up from a designated pick-up point in the library. If the population is in active lockdown, current students, faculty and staff are given online access to a digital version of the book they want, if it exists. This is the ETAS that the Hathi Trust have implemented. The emergency temporary access. All libraries in the Trust have become service centres where access to books is determined by your academic status. If you have the correct status you may be given access to a digital version of the book you want, if it exists. However you can only VIEW the digital version of the book, and probably only for a limited amount of time. You cannot download it. Do you now understand why iPads and Kindles were forced on our kids in kindergarten?

Some people might argue that having access to digital versions of books is a good thing. Social equity, white privilege, and other buzz words loosely related to “oppression” will be used to argue that this is a good thing. However under this ETAS policy, if there is only one copy of the book in the library then only one person at a time can have access to the digital version. Which kinda defeats the purpose of digitising everything, don’t you think? But wait, there’s more. Try to wrap your head around this –

As of 2019, the copyright policy states that “many works in our collection are protected by copyright law, so we cannot ordinarily publicly display large portions of those protected works unless we have permission from the copyright holder”, and thus “if we cannot determine the copyright or permission status of a work, we restrict access to that work until we can establish its status. Because of differences in international copyright laws, access is also restricted for users outside the United States to works published outside the United States after and including 1879.

So can you see where this is going? Watch this great clip to understand more. Under the guise of a so-called global health crisis, access to the past is being controlled. History will be whatever “The Ministry of Truth” want it to be. The Hathi Trust is “The Ministry of Truth”. The ETAS is “The Memory Hole”. By signing up to the ETAS, libraries around the world have effectively signed up for the mandate to burn books. They have become the firefighters in Fahrenheit 451.

And the government continue to push their warlike propaganda –

Lockdown is Peace. Freedom is Dangerous. Groupthink is Strength.

What are you going to do about it?

Author: Brightspark

Brightspark is an independent journalist based in regional Australia. She founded News Media Truth in 2015.

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