Now They Are Coming For Our Kids…

I heard some rumours from Sweden a few weeks ago that children are the new target for this global police state. A woman warned us that “They are coming for your kids. Don’t send your kids to school tomorrow”. After reading some articles this morning, I am now certain that she was correct – although she has probably jumped the gun a little.

Mandatory testing of all children in New York has begun – even if the child or their parents do not consent. The Liberal/National Party of Queensland in Australia are now pushing for curfews to be imposed on all children under 18. They are currently recruiting more police to enforce the curfews and current laws are being amended to allow for the jailing of more juveniles. How on earth is any of this necessary or even justifiable? More importantly, what is the end goal?

According to some sources, a new framework of social security is in the pipeline in Canada, such that when the current emergency income measures are removed everyone without a job will go onto a Universal Basic Income (UBI) and have their debts forgiven. It is known as the World Debt Reset Program. The condition of having your debts forgiven, in a nutshell, is that you must take the mandated injections and you forfeit your rights to own property or any assets. Forever.

That’s AND you forfeit your rights, not OR your forfeit your rights. Take the money and the jab AND forfeit your rights to own property or ANY assets, forever. I can certainly see such a program being implemented in Australia with widespread uptake. As terrifying as it sounds it’s a pretty appealing program for a young person with no hope of a stable career in this economically decimated world, who has been taught that individual rights are not important – it’s the collective that matters. Just take the jab and be given a slave-level income for life for doing nothing. State housing will probably come with the package when home loan defaulters (90% of their parents) have their homes and assets repossessed by the banks. And international travel will be handed to our children when they submit to the Immunity Passport. They’ll probably get one free trip per year to attend a Model United Nations propaganda conference in some exotic location. So our children can learn more about how we, their parents, destroyed the planet and their dreams for the future – with capitalism. Dirty, filthy capitalism.

So here’s the plan for the future – test all the children routinely at school and especially when they are in police custody. Anytime they are effectively in the “care” of the state. The PCR test (that was never meant to be used to diagnose anything – see interviews with its inventor here and general information here) will return endless numbers of false positives. A “Deadly Juvenile Strain” will be declared. The children will be forced to take the jab in order to be released from detention or allowed to go home from school.

Don’t believe me? Have you noticed the very tall and angry-looking lockable fences that have been installed around all public schools over the past few years? Do you really believe that they are designed to keep people out? Was such an enormous expense really required to keep a few vandals and graffiti artists out? I suspect that they are designed to keep our children IN. If they were designed to keep anyone out, it was to keep PARENTS out.

The government will offer young people all sorts of goodies to keep sucking on the teet of the state, further undermining the parental relationship. Parents will have no money or power to fight this police state because if they dissent in any way their UBI will be cut off.

Can you see how this is being played out? This is the implementation of the tyrannical global socialist police state I began writing about five years ago here, here, here and here. It’s arrived folks. Right here. Right now. In our faces. Disguised as a health crisis.

What are you going to do about it???

Author: Brightspark

Brightspark is an independent journalist based in regional Australia. She founded News Media Truth in 2015.

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