Lost in the Matrix


So it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve written an article. Sometimes life gets in the way. But it really is time for me to get back to writing…

In general my articles have been warnings about what was happening to us, as a society. They were warnings to my readers, in the hope that it would prompt them to “wake up” and make some changes in their lives. To “wake up” and push back on the tyranny that is closing in on us. But today’s article is more of a lament for times gone by. A lament for the power and independence and sovereignty that people used to have, and used to use. I have realised that people don’t actually want those things anymore. Sadly, I’ve discovered that people want to be told exactly what to do and what to think. They don’t want the truth and they don’t want their world view to be challenged at all. Because that would mean that people have to think for themselves, and I can only name a handful of people that I know who still think for themselves. So today I lament.

Descartes1I remember years ago when I was younger, the consumer dollar was king. Consumers wielded that power wisely – they shopped around and they refused to accept second rate products or services. I worked in retail in the mid- to late-eighties, and I remember that culture well. My customers demanded, and got, the best service and products that I could give. Those were the days before the global retail monopolies were created. Back when the local shopping centre had a huge range of shops – generally small businesses owned by local residents. These shops offered a great range of products and services, and the customer could shop around for a product that exactly fitted their needs and wants.

Today, many of those shops sit empty, or have been taken over by fly-by-nighters selling cheap imported clothes, furniture or knick-knacks from China. In the meantime shopping malls and the mega-retailers have expanded exponentially. Gone are the corner shops, the local supermarket, even the local Doctor. They all now reside in muchChoice larger, fancier buildings. Either in shopping malls, or supa-centres, or retail warehouses, or medical centres, or large multi-practitioner health clinics and the like. And we are told it is all for “convenience”. OUR convenience of course. We can now get everything all in the one place. Endless amounts of the products and services that the global monopolies have decided that we can have, all in the one place.

How marvellous!

But what has really happened is that an insidious hybrid of communism/fascism has taken over the planet while we were all looking the other way. While we were all obsessed with Facebook, the footy, and whatever tabloid nonsense that the corporate mainstream media was peddling, anti-monopoly legislation and restrictions on ownership were quietly loosened up. Our corrupt politicians silently pushed through legislation for their corporate owners, and in return they nabbed very lucrative post-politics careers as “consultants”. As a result, huge global monopolies have formed and put the little guys out of business – either by being bought out with deals too good to refuse, or by being economically strangled by restrictions and impossible levels of red tape.


Most people choke when I link the terms communism and fascism and state that they are the same thing. People like to make fun and infer that I have no idea what I am talking about. But just stop for a minute and take a look at the characteristics of each – a small powerful elite who control the media and the means of production, and who rule over a largely powerless population with force. Remember that these terms, “communism”, “fascism”, “socialism”, “democracy” etc. are all man-made terms. They are not natural phenomena. These terms have been manufactured by certain people to serve the interests of those same people. Tyranny may come in different flavours, but at the end of the day tyranny is tyranny. When the people have no control over decision making and outcomes at the administrative level; when privacy, freedom, independence, liberty, free choice, individuality and basic services are denied to the population; when all “sides” of politics deliver the same outcomes; that is tyranny. If you don’t believe me, try lodging a formal complaint about a person or an organisation. Especially in this “new normal”, when government and administrative service provision has largely vanished. COVID-19 has been spectacularly successful in furthering the implementation of tyranny across the planet.

So today I am lamenting the slide into tyranny that I have witnessed in my lifetime.

After leaving retail behind in the late eighties, I eventually moved into allied health because I had the remarkably naive belief that I could “help people”. Being successful in retail had trained me to believe in this delusion. Since 1992 I have acquired a list of health-related qualifications longer than most COVID lockdown shopping lists. I have spent close to a hundred thousand dollars on training, and I have purchased thousands of books. All because I wanted to “help people”. Well why not? When I worked in retail I was really good at “helping people”. I created happy customers with ease simply by fulfilling theirHappy needs. No matter what products or services were demanded of me, I always delivered with ease. Even the most demanding customer who knew exactly what they wanted was satisfied with ease. In retail I proved time after time that it was really easy to “help people”. So the move into allied health would be a breeze. Right?

What could possibly go wrong???

Simultaneously with my maniacal journey through allied health, the rest of the world was sliding into its own delusion. Each year, people swallowed more and more corporate mainstream media propaganda that slowly but surely, little by little, changed their priorities and their beliefs. For example, in the past most parents sent their kids outside to play and to get dirty. Now parents are buying little black devices for their kids because it keeps them quiet and clean and apparently free from injury. Everyone’s a winner, right? In the past, people bought a small number of good quality clothing and household products that lasted for years. Now, people are buying absurd amounts of cheap imported products that don’t last very long. When the products inevitably break, people simply throw them out and buy more cheap replacements which they know won’t last very long either.

Takeaway-Food-PackagingSimilarly, people now rarely cook at home. It has become a thing to just “pick up some take away on the way home“. And for those couch potatoes who have wholeheartedly embodied the cult of convenience, food now equals “Deliveroo“. I hear that they are now selling apartments without kitchens. It really leaves me wondering how anyone can afford to live like that, considering how inexpensive it is to cook real food at home. How can their wallet afford it? How can their health afford it? And more importantly, how can the environment afford it? We are producing exponentially increasing amounts of packaging waste each year just because we have been sold the lie that convenience is now a human right not to be questioned. It will add to our “quality of life” because we will have more time for leisure. More time to sit in front of a screen. I wonder if anyone else has realised that the word “convenience” is newspeak for “laziness”, “ignorance, and “stupidity”?

And it is astonishing how readily we have bought the lie that “Oh, it’s OK, it’s all recyclable!“. A couple of years ago I had lunch in the uni bar at a well known 2nd-tier Australian university. After ordering my usual budget meal, my first shock was that there was no crockery or cutlery anywhere to be seen. Every meal was served on a cardboard plate. Every condiment portion was served in a small cardboard dish. I was directed to the container of disposable bamboo cutlery for my implements. All this and I was eating in. Whilst I was sitting alone at my table, lamenting the state of the world, a tour guide rushed past with a gaggle of starry eyed future students behind her. “We have the most environmentally sustainable policies of any university in Australia!” she shouted. I nearly choked on myRecycling imported chicken schnitzel. But the best was yet to come. When I finished my lunch, I was then forced to negotiate the complex network of rubbish bins in front of me. My meal had created a significant amount of rubbish and I was genuinely confused about which bits of rubbish went in which bins.

As I walked back to the car park where I had parked my trusty Korean import, I continued lamenting. With some sudden logic I wondered, “Surely it’s more environmentally sustainable to have crockery and steel cutlery and just wash it up? You could give an Australian kid a job too. Why is that such a bad thing?”. I concluded that I was obviously too old and set in my ways, and that the article I read years ago must be fake news. The article inferred that we don’t actually recycle in this country because it is too expensive. It said that nearly all rubbish goes into landfill because it is too dangerous and expensive to pay people to sort through recycled rubbish at the tip. And I must’ve completely imagined all that kerfuffle a few decades ago about McDonalds and their polystyrene packaging. Remember when McDonalds were forced to change their hamburger packaging to cardboard and paper when the Greenies lost their minds over the polystyrene packaging?? All take way joints now serve their food in polystyrene containers, so  I must have completely hallucinated that kerfuffle.  

But back to my delusion –

As everyone else was becoming zombified by all the junk food they were consuming, by social media, and by the corporate mainstream media in general, there I was taking more courses on “How To Help People”. Every day of the week, every week of the year, I continued to cough up the dollars for the amorphous goal of “helping people”. Eventually, when I could fill a room Qualificationswith all the pieces of paper I had been awarded, I opened the obligatory “I Can Help You” business. Initially it was mostly fitness and exercise related, and my clients were extremely happy with my services. Of course they were happy. I had spent many years in gyms and yoga studios and I knew exactly what I was doing.

As always, I was able to “help people” with ease.

On top of all of the formal training I take part in, I also engage in silly amounts of professional development and personal research. It’s my dirty little secret. I watch documentaries for fun. I scan my Twitter feed for links to interviews and You Tube clips. And I have bought thousands of books. All for fun. As a result of all this hilarity, I seem to have developed a fairly complex but nuanced understanding of how the world really works. In regards to health in particular, I came to recognise that the epidemic of cancer, chronic disease and mental health problems that we are experiencing is really easy to understand and reverse. All people have to do is make changes to the way they live their lives. So I found the answer!!! Now I could REALLY “help people”!

So I branched out into delivering “Health and Wellbeing” talks. I developed thePresentationjpg obligatory acronym which would “help people” to remember the five simple steps they needed to follow in order to live lives free of disease. I even gave them handouts with it all written down. WOW! How successful was I going to be now, “helping” all those people! Just like “helping people” with their retail needs, and “helping people” with their fitness needs, I was well on my way to “helping people” with their health and wellbeing needs.

The cracks started to appear when I began using words like “electromagnetic radiation“, “food additives“, “glyphosate” and “genetically modified organisms“. But the real damage was yet to come. Phrases like “gaming and social media are designed to be addictive” and “the rate of change in our everyday lives is beyond our ability to adapt” elicited some pretty confused looks, indicating that I probably wasn’t being quite as successful at “helping people” as I had expected. However the pièce de résistance came when I completely betrayed society at large by uttering the forbidden words “replace your WiFi with ethernet cables“. That was when my delusion was blown to pieces. That’s when it was made abundantly clear to me that I was actually pretty shit at “helping people”. I wasn’t peddling lies or half truths or irrelevant information. Quite the contrary. I am currently in the process of watching a documentary series about Cancer, and all of the”experts” who are being interviewed are saying exactly what I was saying in my talks. And I mean exactly. My research is sound. I was simply unable to reach the audience with it because I had unknowingly crossed the line. Unbeknown to me, “convenience” has been promoted to the status of “religion“. If you dare to question it in any way, you are guilty of “violating community standards“.

Goods and services??? TICK! Excellent at that one.

Exercise and fitness??? HUGE TICK! Clients loved me.

Red pilling people??? Epic fail. I failed miserably at that one. It was a disaster.

RebellionWOW! What a wake up call. For all those years I had so much faith in people. Whenever criticisms like “people are basically stupid” or “it’s natural selection” were made, I enthusiastically defended the absent masses. But the day after I ended my long career in “helping people”, as I was burning all the hand written “helping people” notes I had made, I realised something. After spending 30 years of my life and a couple of hundred thousand dollars for the amorphous goal of “helping people”, I realised that people don’t actually want to be helped. People don’t want their world view to be challenged at all. Give them the product and the service they want? Oh, yes please! Take them through a great exercise routine? Fantastic – I’ll be back tomorrow! No world view challenged in any of that. But ask them to step outside of the hive mind matrix that has descended on society in the past few decades? FORGET IT! Ask them to open their mind to the reality of the human condition? Nope. People are simply too afraid to contemplate those sorts of issues. People really have become fearful, brainwashed victims of the corporate mainstream media.

“People are deeply invested in the matrix, and it is only when their life falls apart and they are FORCED to go searching for answers, that they become open to some hard truths about life.” – Me

One of life’s real wake up calls.

But I eventually realised that I am now free. Due to the fact that my delusion had been unceremoniously demolished (like World Trade Centre Building 7),Freedom3 I was suddenly free to live my own life. To do exactly what I wanted to do in life, rather than be chained to what I finally realised had been a deeply rooted obligation to ensure that other people were not worse off than me. To rescue people, rather than to “help people”. That was my delusion: that I needed to rescue everyone from themselves. Mind blown. Thank you, fellow travellers. Thank you for being so hopelessly lost in the matrix. Your stubborn refusal to comply with my delusion actually freed me from it. Thank you for helping me to see the truth about my own life. Thank you for inadvertently rescuing me from myself.  Thanks to you I am no longer a rescuer. I am now what I have dreamt of being for a long time.

I am a writer.

As a post script, I recently came across this clip from Amazing Polly that explained my experience over the past few years. It explained my failure to “reach” people intellectually. It explained my inability to “help” people other than in retail and fitness. It explained why people in general do not want to see the truth. From about 5:20 to about 14:30 in her clip, Polly outlines her own journey in trying to “help” people and how she too has concluded that she has failed. Not through any fault of her own, but because people literally no longer have the ability to see the truth. She quotes passages from the bible that explain this. It has been referred to as “The Grand Delusion”. She says that in the bible it states that there will come a time when God takes away people’s ability to see the truth because they are too invested in lower vices and selfish pursuits and they do not deserve to be saved.


Like Polly, I would not call myself a religious person, however when you do this type of research there are few conclusions that you can arrive at other than we are now at the pinnacle of the ages old battle of good versus evil. When you have devoted years of your life to uncovering the truth of what is going on, you keep coming back to the same place – that there is a force of evil trying to destroy the beauty of this planet. Trying to destroy the beauty of “creation”. Life, that essence that makes us all alive and gives us the ability to re-produce and create more “life”, is under attack from entities that lack this gift. This is the conclusion I have reached and I believe we are now standing on the precipice. Those who can see the truth will prepare in order to save themselves and their families. Those who cannot or will not see the truth will perish in the tyranny. I say these things for good reason.

Many years ago I made a conscious decision to leave organised religion. Much to the disappointment of my family, I stopped going to church because I had concluded that it had lost its way. It still amazes me that at the age of 14 or 15 I somehow knew that something important was missing, and that what they were peddling did not sit right with me. It has taken me many decades to develop a cognitive understanding of what I intuitively knew at 14 or 15. StudyMy journey included immersion in New Age practices and beliefs, immersion in quantum physics and the disciplines of Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy, my commitment to research in health, mental health and allied services, and more recently my commitment to research into global politics, economics, financial markets and related areas. All this has helped me to understand how evil has infiltrated nearly all aspects of life, slowly but surely manipulating the narrative such that now our schools, universities, churches, corporations and governments all peddle the same socialist nonsense. We have all been conditioned to be wilfully ignorant of obvious facts and logic. We have all been conditioned to blindly accept the complete nonsense that is beamed out 24/7 by myriad forms of media. Alvin Toffler’s book “Future Shock” warned us about this phenomena. tofflerHe warned us 50 years ago that the rate of change in society had exceeded our ability to adapt, and that we were now at risk of becoming demoralised automatons. And that is exactly what has happened.


Of course Toffler’s research was funded by the Rockerfellers, no surprises there. So the most important findings of his research, ie. that we needed to slow down, were completely buried. Instead he was funded to go on and write about how we must all change ourselves as a race in order to be able to adapt to this new world that was coming. We must all become robot-like in our ability to deal with information and to operate technology. We must let go of the values we once held important because they are no longer applicable in the new world of the future. Sound familiar?

Transhumanism, The World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset”, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals, The War on Terror, Social Inequality, COVID-19. The ever-changing enemy has been forced on us under the guise of “we must change the way we live because humans are the problem”. If you look a little closer you will notice the theme – squashing our humanity. Destroying not only what has been built by human ingenuity, creativity and imagination, but destroying the spark within us all that has the ability to be creative. To create and to pro-create. That spark of individuality within us all which is what was referred to when it was stated “everyone is perfect in God’s eyes”. It is our individuality that is our perfection, and that is what they are trying to destroy with transhumanism, with surveillance and with tyranny in general. Those soulless entities that have risen to power are now making their final move to destroy God’s creation.

What are you going to do about it?

Author: Brightspark

Brightspark is an independent journalist based in regional Australia. She founded News Media Truth in 2015.

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