Lost in the Matrix


So it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve written an article. Sometimes life gets in the way. But it really is time for me to get back to writing…

In general my articles have been warnings about what was happening to us, as a society. They were warnings to my readers, in the hope that it would prompt them to “wake up” and make some changes in their lives. To “wake up” and push back on the tyranny that is closing in on us. But today’s article is more of a lament for times gone by. A lament for the power and independence and sovereignty that people used to have, and used to use. I have realised that people don’t actually want those things anymore. Sadly, I’ve discovered that people want to be told exactly what to do and what to think. They don’t want the truth and they don’t want their world view to be challenged at all. Because that would mean that people have to think for themselves, and I can only name a handful of people that I know who still think for themselves. So today I lament.

Descartes1I remember years ago when I was younger, the consumer dollar was king. Consumers wielded that power wisely – they shopped around and they refused to accept second rate products or services. I worked in retail in the mid- to late-eighties, and I remember that culture well. My customers demanded, and got, the best service and products that I could give. Those were the days before the global retail monopolies were created. Back when the local shopping centre had a huge range of shops – generally small businesses owned by local residents. These shops offered a great range of products and services, and the customer could shop around for a product that exactly fitted their needs and wants.

Today, many of those shops sit empty, or have been taken over by fly-by-nighters selling cheap imported clothes, furniture or knick-knacks from China. In the meantime shopping malls and the mega-retailers have expanded exponentially. Gone are the corner shops, the local supermarket, even the local Doctor. They all now reside in muchChoice larger, fancier buildings. Either in shopping malls, or supa-centres, or retail warehouses, or medical centres, or large multi-practitioner health clinics and the like. And we are told it is all for “convenience”. OUR convenience of course. We can now get everything all in the one place. Endless amounts of the products and services that the global monopolies have decided that we can have, all in the one place.

How marvellous!

But what has really happened is that an insidious hybrid of communism/fascism has taken over the planet while we were all looking the other way. While we were all obsessed with Facebook, the footy, and whatever tabloid nonsense that the corporate mainstream media was peddling, anti-monopoly legislation and restrictions on ownership were quietly loosened up. Our corrupt politicians silently pushed through legislation for their corporate owners, and in return they nabbed very lucrative post-politics careers as “consultants”. As a result, huge global monopolies have formed and put the little guys out of business – either by being bought out with deals too good to refuse, or by being economically strangled by restrictions and impossible levels of red tape.


Most people choke when I link the terms communism and fascism and state that they are the same thing. People like to make fun and infer that I have no idea what I am talking about. But just stop for a minute and take a look at the characteristics of each – a small powerful elite who control the media and the means of production, and who rule over a largely powerless population with force. Remember that these terms, “communism”, “fascism”, “socialism”, “democracy” etc. are all man-made terms. They are not natural phenomena. These terms have been manufactured by certain people to serve the interests of those same people. Tyranny may come in different flavours, but at the end of the day tyranny is tyranny. When the people have no control over decision making and outcomes at the administrative level; when privacy, freedom, independence, liberty, free choice, individuality and basic services are denied to the population; when all “sides” of politics deliver the same outcomes; that is tyranny. If you don’t believe me, try lodging a formal complaint about a person or an organisation. Especially in this “new normal”, when government and administrative service provision has largely vanished. COVID-19 has been spectacularly successful in furthering the implementation of tyranny across the planet.

So today I am lamenting the slide into tyranny that I have witnessed in my lifetime.

After leaving retail behind in the late eighties, I eventually moved into allied health because I had the remarkably naive belief that I could “help people”. Being successful in retail had trained me to believe in this delusion. Since 1992 I have acquired a list of health-related qualifications longer than most COVID lockdown shopping lists. I have spent close to a hundred thousand dollars on training, and I have purchased thousands of books. All because I wanted to “help people”. Well why not? When I worked in retail I was really good at “helping people”. I created happy customers with ease simply by fulfilling theirHappy needs. No matter what products or services were demanded of me, I always delivered with ease. Even the most demanding customer who knew exactly what they wanted was satisfied with ease. In retail I proved time after time that it was really easy to “help people”. So the move into allied health would be a breeze. Right?

What could possibly go wrong???

Simultaneously with my maniacal journey through allied health, the rest of the world was sliding into its own delusion. Each year, people swallowed more and more corporate mainstream media propaganda that slowly but surely, little by little, changed their priorities and their beliefs. For example, in the past most parents sent their kids outside to play and to get dirty. Now parents are buying little black devices for their kids because it keeps them quiet and clean and apparently free from injury. Everyone’s a winner, right? In the past, people bought a small number of good quality clothing and household products that lasted for years. Now, people are buying absurd amounts of cheap imported products that don’t last very long. When the products inevitably break, people simply throw them out and buy more cheap replacements which they know won’t last very long either.

Takeaway-Food-PackagingSimilarly, people now rarely cook at home. It has become a thing to just “pick up some take away on the way home“. And for those couch potatoes who have wholeheartedly embodied the cult of convenience, food now equals “Deliveroo“. I hear that they are now selling apartments without kitchens. It really leaves me wondering how anyone can afford to live like that, considering how inexpensive it is to cook real food at home. How can their wallet afford it? How can their health afford it? And more importantly, how can the environment afford it? We are producing exponentially increasing amounts of packaging waste each year just because we have been sold the lie that convenience is now a human right not to be questioned. It will add to our “quality of life” because we will have more time for leisure. More time to sit in front of a screen. I wonder if anyone else has realised that the word “convenience” is newspeak for “laziness”, “ignorance, and “stupidity”?

And it is astonishing how readily we have bought the lie that “Oh, it’s OK, it’s all recyclable!“. A couple of years ago I had lunch in the uni bar at a well known 2nd-tier Australian university. After ordering my usual budget meal, my first shock was that there was no crockery or cutlery anywhere to be seen. Every meal was served on a cardboard plate. Every condiment portion was served in a small cardboard dish. I was directed to the container of disposable bamboo cutlery for my implements. All this and I was eating in. Whilst I was sitting alone at my table, lamenting the state of the world, a tour guide rushed past with a gaggle of starry eyed future students behind her. “We have the most environmentally sustainable policies of any university in Australia!” she shouted. I nearly choked on myRecycling imported chicken schnitzel. But the best was yet to come. When I finished my lunch, I was then forced to negotiate the complex network of rubbish bins in front of me. My meal had created a significant amount of rubbish and I was genuinely confused about which bits of rubbish went in which bins.

As I walked back to the car park where I had parked my trusty Korean import, I continued lamenting. With some sudden logic I wondered, “Surely it’s more environmentally sustainable to have crockery and steel cutlery and just wash it up? You could give an Australian kid a job too. Why is that such a bad thing?”. I concluded that I was obviously too old and set in my ways, and that the article I read years ago must be fake news. The article inferred that we don’t actually recycle in this country because it is too expensive. It said that nearly all rubbish goes into landfill because it is too dangerous and expensive to pay people to sort through recycled rubbish at the tip.

But back to my delusion –

As everyone else was becoming zombified by all the junk food they were consuming, by social media, and by the corporate mainstream media in general, there I was taking more courses on “How To Help People”. Every day of the week, every week of the year, I continued to cough up the dollars for the amorphous goal of “helping people”. Eventually, when I could fill a room Qualificationswith all the pieces of paper I had been awarded, I opened the obligatory “I Can Help You” business. Initially it was mostly fitness and exercise related, and my clients were extremely happy with my services. Of course they were happy. I had spent many years in gyms and yoga studios and I knew exactly what I was doing.

As always, I was able to “help people” with ease.

On top of all of the formal training I take part in, I also engage in silly amounts of professional development and personal research. It’s my dirty little secret. I watch documentaries for fun. I scan my Twitter feed for links to interviews and You Tube clips. And I have bought thousands of books. All for fun. As a result of all this hilarity, I seem to have developed a fairly complex but nuanced understanding of how the world really works. In regards to health in particular, I came to recognise that the epidemic of cancer, chronic disease and mental health problems that we are experiencing is really easy to understand and reverse. All people have to do is make changes to the way they live their lives. So I found the answer!!! Now I could REALLY “help people”!

So I branched out into delivering “Health and Wellbeing” talks. I developed thePresentationjpg obligatory acronym which would “help people” to remember the five simple steps they needed to follow in order to live lives free of disease. I even gave them handouts with it all written down. WOW! How successful was I going to be now, “helping” all those people! Just like “helping people” with their retail needs, and “helping people” with their fitness needs, I was well on my way to “helping people” with their health and wellbeing needs.

The cracks started to appear when I began using words like “electromagnetic radiation“, “food additives“, “glyphosate” and “genetically modified organisms“. But the real damage was yet to come. Phrases like “gaming and social media are designed to be addictive” and “the rate of change in our everyday lives is beyond our ability to adapt” elicited some pretty confused looks, indicating that I probably wasn’t being quite as successful at “helping people” as I had expected. However the pièce de résistance came when I completely betrayed society at large by uttering the forbidden words “replace your WiFi with ethernet cables“. That was when my delusion was blown to pieces. That’s when it was made abundantly clear to me that I was actually pretty shit at “helping people”. I wasn’t peddling lies or half truths or irrelevant information. Quite the contrary. I am currently in the process of watching a documentary series about Cancer, and all of the”experts” who are being interviewed are saying exactly what I was saying in my talks. And I mean exactly. My research is sound. I was simply unable to reach the audience with it because I had unknowingly crossed the line. Unbeknown to me, “convenience” has been promoted to the status of “religion“. If you dare to question it in any way, you are guilty of “violating community standards“.

Goods and services??? TICK! Excellent at that one.

Exercise and fitness??? HUGE TICK! Clients loved me.

Red pilling people??? Epic fail. I failed miserably at that one. It was a disaster.

RebellionWOW! What a wake up call. For all those years I had so much faith in people. Whenever criticisms like “people are basically stupid” or “it’s natural selection” were made, I enthusiastically defended the absent masses. But the day after I ended my long career in “helping people”, as I was burning all the hand written “helping people” notes I had made, I realised something. After spending 30 years of my life and a couple of hundred thousand dollars for the amorphous goal of “helping people”, I realised that people don’t actually want to be helped. People don’t want their world view to be challenged at all. Give them the product and the service they want? Oh, yes please! Take them through a great exercise routine? Fantastic – I’ll be back tomorrow! No world view challenged in any of that. But ask them to step outside of the hive mind matrix that has descended on society in the past few decades? FORGET IT! Ask them to open their mind to the reality of the human condition? Nope. People are simply too afraid to contemplate those sorts of issues. People really have become fearful, brainwashed victims of the corporate mainstream media.

“People are deeply invested in the matrix, and it is only when their life falls apart and they are FORCED to go searching for answers, that they become open to some hard truths about life.” – Me

One of life’s real wake up calls.

But I eventually realised that I am now free. Due to the fact that my delusion had been unceremoniously demolished (like World Trade Centre Building 7),Freedom3 I was suddenly free to live my own life. To do exactly what I wanted to do in life, rather than be chained to what I finally realised had been a deeply rooted obligation to ensure that other people were not worse off than me. To rescue people, rather than to “help people”. That was my delusion: that I needed to rescue everyone from themselves. Mind blown. Thank you, fellow travellers. Thank you for being so hopelessly lost in the matrix. Your stubborn refusal to comply with my delusion actually freed me from it. Thank you for helping me to see the truth about my own life. Thank you for inadvertently rescuing me from myself.  Thanks to you I am no longer a rescuer. I am now what I have dreamt of being for a long time.

I am a writer.




Facebook Privacy1

PRIVACY:  1. The right to be free from secret surveillance and to determine whether, when, how, and to whom, one’s personal or organizational information is to be revealed. 2. Someone’s right to keep their personal matters and relationships secret. 3. The state of being apart from other people or concealed from their view.

(UPDATED: OCT 2018)  It’s been an interesting journey, not doing Facebook. At the end of 2014 when Facebook introduced their most obscene privacy violations to date, I could no longer justify being part of the massive social experiment – or as it is otherwise known, the massive FBI/NSA data grab and surveillance behemoth. I posted articles alerting my Facebook friends to the implications of these insidious privacy violations and a small number of them showed tentative concern. However, over three years later, they are all still hard at it.

I logged on to Facebook recently to determine if anyone else had woken up to the psyop, only to confirm that now more than ever friendships are primarily conducted on social media. In those 45 months of absence from the platform they areFacebook Friendships all still at it, more intensely than ever. Yet their contact with me has dwindled to zero. I no longer even get the obligatory token “Happy Birthday” message when they are prompted to send me one.

OK, so maybe they think I will not get the messages because I have left Facebook. Many of them have my email address and my mobile number, so a quick text or short email? Nope. Many of them have my postal address and could send me a birthday card like we did in the old days? Nope again. I’m one of the few people who still have a landline, so a quick “Hi, how’s things” maybe? That’s how we used to do friendship maintenance. Buuuuuuuuuut, nope. A big fat NOPE. Nothing. It’s like I no longer exist. Like I unknowingly stepped through a space/time portal that delivered me into another set of dimensions, but I’m somehow still on the same planet.


It’s not a generational thing because nearly all of my (former) Facebook ‘friends’ are my age or older, so they certainly should remember how we did it in the past. In the BFB era. You know, Before FaceBook. But they’ve all been sucked in. Posting their entire lives andFacebook Addiction children’s development online, for all to see.

To give it some perspective, let’s go back a decade or two. You know, BFB……

The thought of putting one of my family photo albums in the local library for everyone to flick through is cringe-worthy to say the least. The words ‘strange’, ‘egotistical’, and ‘show-off’ come to mind. Sending photos of my dinner through the post to 157 friends makes me keel over in laughter. The act of taking a photo of my dinner in the first place is just utter nonsense. If I’d re-posted all the junk mail from my letterbox to everyone I know I’d have been locked up as a public nuisance. And as for asking me to give over my credit card number or banking details, you’d have been laughed out of town. These details were kept private – even from family and friends.

Back then we didn’t have to surrender all of our personal details just to buy a ticket to see a band or to catch the train. We just used to hand over the cash. Anonymously. We travelled anonymously. And associated with others, anonymously. Now, there’s a record of when and where you use the train; a record of what concerts you attend. And if you use Facebook the way most people do, there’s a record of your entire life. And this is the most insidious privacy breach of all because Facebook users are publishing it VOLUNTARILY.

So who do you blame when you voluntarily publish all your personal information and it goes pear-shaped? When your details are shared with people they shouldn’t be shared with, à la the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal? Mark Zuckerberg? Do you think you can get some justice by blaming Mark Zuckerberg?Facebook Privacy?? Sure, Zuckerberg was grilled by Congress recently and he gave ten long hours of testimony. No mean feat for someone with his social skills. He got some tough questions. And he made US$3,000,000,000 (AUD$3,859,500,000) in the process, making him the world’s 7th richest person. Yes folks, in the time that he fronted Congress, Facebook’s total market value rose by US$23,000,000,000 (AUD$29,589,500,000). So much for justice. Do you really believe that Mark Zuckerberg gives a bugger about your personal details?

Meanwhile, as Zuckerberg ponders how he is going to spend the billions he has made at your expense, your personal details are still in the wrong hands. And so-called ‘privacy breaches’ are still going to happen. Privacy statements mean squat when there’s a hack or a security breach. After a hack or an ‘error of judgement’, your personal information will then be in the hands of people you never gave permission to have it. And there is nothing that you can do about it. The damage is done, and there can never be justice when the damage is already done. It’s like giving birth – you can’t change the result: blaming your partner isn’t going to change the result.

When you hand over your personal information, you are, by definition, losing control of it.

When you voluntarily serve up your personal details you have no-one to blame but yourself when it goes pear-shaped because you are the one breaching your own privacy by handing over your details in the first place.

The only solution is to maintain control over your personal details and to maintain your privacy in general. Like we did in days gone by. Forty months ago I realised that things had gone too far. I felt very uncomfortable with what I was routinely being asked to do even thoughThink1 other people seemed fine with it. So I decided to step out of the hive mind/collective slumber and to trust my own inner knowing: I decided to think for myself.

I stopped publishing my life on Facebook. I stopped handing out my personal details to strangers. I refused to agree to outrageous ‘Terms of Service’ and so-called ‘Privacy Statements’. I missed out on events and experiences. I started taking notice of the growth of mass surveillance, data mining and privacy breaches. I started taking notice of the general degradation of the concepts of privacy and the individual, and I made many enemies by refusing to comply with outrageously unnecessary requests for my personal information. For example, I recently had my bank account blocked because I refused to hand over insanely personal information that my bank DID NOT NEED to administer my account, yet they tried to coerce it out of me with frighteningly aggressive and intimidating methods. I can promise you that refusing to allow Westpac/St George to violate my privacy was one of the most satisfying things I have ever done. A mighty double middle finger salute to the “Compliance Department” at Westpac/St George! Have a nice day!!

So by-and-large I have maintained an ‘old fashioned’ level of privacy – albeit with less ‘friends’.

I think, therefore I am.


I think Descartes was on to something. Thinking and doubting. Logic and privacy. If I am not in control of my personal information, can I have privacy? By definition, the answer is no. So by even the most basic process of logic, the conclusion is –

“If I give up control of my personal information then I cannot have privacy.”

It’s that simple.

Or is it?

After logging on to Facebook and scrolling through my newsfeed – which I haven’t done for nearly four years – I started noticing posts from organisations that I do not recall “Following”. The reason that they caught my attention was because the organisations are quite familiar to me. They are organisations or businesses that I have made credit card transactions with recently, or even just sent an email to recently. Sometimes very recently. As in FOUR DAYS AGO. And they are NOT businesses that I normally do business with.

So here’s the facts –

  1. I don’t use Facebook for nearly four years.
  2. I use my credit card at a business or send an email to a business that I certainly do not remember “Following” and haven’t done business with for years, if ever.
  3. As soon as four days later I log onto Facebook and their posts show up on my newsfeed.

You don’t have to be too bright to work out what’s going on here. The details of every  digital transaction we make are being recorded and that information is available to any organisation for a fee. And it’s not just credit card purchases either – it’s search engine results, browsing history details, locations visited, even the contents of your text messages* and conversations captured by Alexa, Google home, etc. Your entire life is being recorded and passed on to third parties now that everything is becoming more and more technology-based and people are living their entire lives online. Next time you are faced with a “Privacy Policy” or “Terms of Use” document, don’t just tick the box. By law you must read a document before you sign it anyway. The contents should shock you. When Mark Zuckerberg originally realised that people would happily publish their personal information for all the world to see, he described them as “dumb fucks”. Doesn’t that make you stop and think? Not even for just a few seconds??? It seems that over time everyone has forgotten that mind-boggling insult. And everyone has been sucked into the vortex of surveillance and control.

Happy family using technologies while sitting on sofa at homeNow we’re all brainwashed into believing that we “must have” the “latest” “convenience” items – mobile phone apps, iPads, Sat Navs, smart phones, smart TV, smart this, smart that. Brainwashed into believing that we need “connectivity” 24/7. And these days people literally ARE “connected” to their smartphones. But all it’s doing for us is de-skilling us and ENSLAVING us.

I’ve been very vocal about this issue for some years now. Most of my articles on this website are about surveillance and privacy. I just happened to be inquisitive enough to go down the rabbit hole long before most other people did. It’s heartening to see that some people are finally starting to wake up to the REALITY of what’s closing in on us. But most people are still stuck in the delusion: too scared to contemplate stepping out of the hive mind. Mostly totally oblivious to the fact that these methods of enslavement are destroying our privacy, freedom, and way of life.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, Paypal, etc. They are all just pawns in the game of the massive surveillance and control behemoth that is corralling us into the Brave New World of 1984. For some reason I am able to see the big picture: I see patterns in microcosms, and this creates the macrocosm for me. When I look at the world in 2018 I see the same pattern being played out in a variety of contexts. That pattern is –

  1. The destruction of privacy, freedom and liberty.
  2. More specifically, the destruction of individual sovereignty, of freedom of choice and of self-determination.
  3. The encroachment of the state and powerful state-sanctioned monopolies into our lives.
  4. The destruction of morals, ethics and the fabric of western democratic society in general.

Crony Capitlaism2In combination with pro-monopoly legislation and outrageous increases in bureaucracy and red tape, point 3 above is killing off small- and medium sized businesses. This in turn creates less competition and less choice for consumers as huge multinationals move in and take over the marketplace.

Tyranny is the new capitalism.

Some people call this totalitarianism. Others argue that we are actually teetering very closely on the edge of communism. In my previous articles I have called it “global socialist dictatorship”. The older I get the more I have realised that these political and economic terms are all interchangeable. Communism, socialism, fascism, dictatorship, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, corporate crony capitalism…… it’s all just smoke and mirrors. Semantics. In practice they are all just different forms of TYRANNY. They are all just versions of the same basic structure –

  1. A small ruling elite, who enforce their rule by means of –
  2. A powerful military and a militarised police force.
  3. An unhealthy alliance between the state and the means of production.
  4. An unhealthy alliance between the state and the media, which creates –
  5. A largely misinformed and powerless population.

NWOSlaveryAnd this is now being played out on a global scale. Think NATO. Think “Global Governance” (the goal of the United Nations). Think so-called “fake news” and the fact that hundreds of accounts of respectable, well-researched journalists and writers are currently being purged from Facebook because they question authority. This is the “New World Order” as some have called it. Even good old George Bush senior referred to it many times in his speeches. Watch some of them here and here. And we only have ourselves to blame, because we just can’t get enough of that “must have” technology that gives us so much “convenience” and “connectivity”. That which saves us from being embarrassingly “old fashioned”.

Surveillance is not about catching “the terrorists”, folks. And it’s not about preventing “fake news” and “hate speech”. Surveillance is just one method being used to lead us all into global tyranny. And Facebook is just one type of surveillance being used to herd us into this slavery.

When are YOU going to Wake Up?

When are YOU going to take a stand to protect your children’s future???


For more information about surveillance, privacy and tyranny in general, please visit my Twitter page here where I regularly re-tweet articles that outline how this global agenda is being implemented.

*I recently texted a friend of mine about a power outage I was having. The next time I logged onto Twitter, tweets advertising generators for power outages appeared repeatedly on my feed all day. NEVER before had such tweets appeared on my feed. And I don’t do Twitter on my phone, only on my P.C. which is hard-wired into the wall and has no connection whatsoever to my phone.



“ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE RECORDED”: What is surveillance really all about?

In 2015 I wrote an article about surveillance, censorship and privacy because I had become quite alarmed about the blatant attack on privacy and freedom that was taking place. You can read that article here. Since then there has been a drastic escalation in both the amount and the types of surveillance being forced on the population – 99% of whom are innocent of any crime. In my own life I have experienced some deeply troubling developments and so I have been moved to write an update. I hope this article is helpful and informative and I trust that it helps to open people’s eyes about what the surveillance revolution is really all about. Hint – it’s not about catching “the terrorists”!

Today I was in a Woolworths supermarket in regional Australia. At the self-checkout I was confronted with a bold new sticker which literally yelled at me “ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE RECORDED”. Shocked, I looked around and saw that all of the self-checkout screens had the same offensive sticker. WoolworthsI asked the supervising attendant what the sticker meant. She replied “it means that all transactions are recorded”. Wow, that was so helpful. Trying my very best to be patient, I clarified “exactly what is recorded about the transaction?”. And then the propaganda began to gush… “everything is recorded”… “account details”… “personal information”… “it always has been”… “it’s required by law”… “those stickers have always been there”… “by choosing to use a credit card you give us your details by choice”… etc. I was utterly shocked by the intolerant and aggressive tone that accompanied the propaganda, not to mention the blatant lie that the sticker had “always been there”. When I raised this seemingly obvious point she became even more aggressive and asserted that the stickers had indeed always been there. Something in me said “No. No more”. And I refused to allow her to get away with this aggressive campaign of shameless lies.

The only reason I was at Woolworths in the first place is because I recently discovered that my local IGA is in fact not actually “I” (as in “Independent”), so I have reluctantly returned to Woolworths in protest. I discovered that what I knew as Independent Grocers Association (IGA) is in fact now called Independent Grocers of Australia (still IGA) and it is owned by Metcash. I discovered that by-and-large each supposedly “independent” IGA franchise has little control over the stock they carry. The vast majority of product lines they carry and the stock levels they carry are decided by the warehouse managers at Metcash. My recent email inquiry to Metcash about this contradiction in their advertising campaign remains unanswered.


But I digress. Back to the propaganda campaign.

The supervising attendant’s manager was called and promptly appeared. They could be related. In this town they probably are.

The supervising attendant’s manager’s manager was called. The store manager no less. A very decent man who, after initially taking the same line as his subordinates – “by law we must retain and store your information for seven years” – did a magnanimous job of getting the answers I was after. When I requested to view the Woolworths policy and procedure documents outlining the government legislation that necessitated such privacy breaches as well as the documents outlining how staff are to be trained to implement the program, Mr Manager disappeared into the bowels of the store. Several phone calls later and many searches of Woolworths policies later he conceded that they were in the wrong. Whilst ripping the offensive sticker off my self-checkout screen Cash(where I had already paid for my shopping with CASH) he admitted that Woolworths had no right to store and retain my personal details. The store had apparently misinterpreted the initiative known as “Wave One”. The stickers were meant to be placed on staff-operated screens and to be seen by the checkout personnel only. “Wave One” is apparently a new Woolworths loss prevention program – to prevent cash being stolen from checkout tills by checkout staff.

Always been there, eh?

Stickers were ripped off screens.

The aggression vanished.

I was given a box of chocolates and a $20 gift voucher for the inconvenience.

But you know what? I don’t buy it. I can’t believe it. They were all so certain of the meaning of the stickers. That it was about storing the details of every transaction – credit card numbers; bank account details; items purchased. And they were so sure that “it has been government policy for twenty five years” to store the details of every transaction. The only thing that has changed is that “now we have to tell you that we are doing it”. This is the scary part: the aggressive totalitarian surveillance propaganda just spewed out of them automatically and it was only because I asked for evidence of their claims that they retreated and stopped snarling at me with salivating bared teeth.

What if I hadn’t protested? What if, like most people, I just accepted their surveillanceCensorship propaganda? What if I just accepted that they had a right to record and store my personal information and there was nothing I could do about it? Clearly everyone around me was doing that. The looks, the headshakes and general embarrassment told me that I should just shut up and get on with my day. The level of aggression and intolerance and discomfort told me to stop “questioning”. Stop “making a scene”.

Stop… making sense.

I imagine I will be waiting a long time for the Woolworths “Wave One” documents I requested. They have my email address but I won’t be holding my breath. “Wave One” of what I wonder? Will “Wave Two” be the actual implementation of such an aggressive surveillance policy? Is “Wave One” just a trial run to see how people will react to it?

(UPDATE 19/10/2017:  I was recently in another Woolworths supermarket in a different town in regional Australia and guess what? The same stickers were plastered on all of the self-checkout screens. Deja vu. What are the chances that two managers from two different stores have misinterpreted the “Wave One Loss Prevention Program” in exactly the same way? Pretty slim to none would be my answer. So I now have good reason to believe that my gut reaction was correct – “Wave One” is a trial run of an aggressive privacy-destroying surveillance program.)

Orwell. That’s what I keep coming back to these days. More and more. Orwell. 1984. It was no ordinary novel. Power. Control. Fear. And we are living it in Australia in 2017 even though we have had plenty of warning. Interviews like this one from 2014 are important tools for educating the public, so why do so few people get to see them?

Since I wrote that first article on surveillance in 2015 I have been the target of surveillance in my own home. My house has been broken into several times with nothing stolen. Locks have mysteriously broken. Electrical appliances have been interfered with. Text Surveillance1messages have been interfered with. My computer has been accessed remotely. My email files have been altered and a program has been installed that can re-direct my incoming messages, and reply to my messages before deleting them – possibly before I read them. I recently found a device that appeared to be a bug or transmitter of some sort. I didn’t have my glasses on at the time and I just presumed it was part of my son’s electronics project, so after handling it I left it in the box where I found it. It was a small white plastic device with two or three tiny aerials coming out of it, in a miniature zip-lock plastic bag. When I questioned my son about it later that day, he denied any knowledge of the device. I went looking for it to show him, only to discover that it had vanished. I turned the house upside down in a frenzy looking for it but I eventually had to concede that it was gone.

Therefore, I had to face the fact that someone had broken into my home and removed the device that afternoon when I went out to pick up my son from school.

Therefore, I had to face the fact that someone was watching my home and monitoring my movements.


So WTF am I supposed to do with this information? WTF can I do about it???

I called the police after the first time that my home was broken into. The lovely constable duly wrote down everything I told her about the gate latch not being as we left it, and the front door being unlocked when we came in. But when I got to the bit about our clocks having been interfered with, she seemed a little reluctant. When I told her that I could prove what time the clocks had been turned back on, and therefore what time the intruders had been in my home, she seemed even more uncomfortable. “Has anything been stolen….?”. “No”. When I said that each clock had been turned back on at a different time therefore it was not a power outage, she really started squirming. Facial expressions give a lot away about a person’s thoughts.

OK. I get it. It’s weird stuff. But it happened. I swear on my mother’s memory that it happened.

So the next time the house was broken into without anything being stolen, I kept my mouth shut. And so on.

As these incidents have mounted so has my dismay. Why me? Why am I such as threat? I’m such small fry. In the scheme of things I’m a nobody in the world of alternative journalism – or “fake news” as it is now called. There are so many other highly successful independent journalists and publications who reach hundreds of thousands of people with their work. I’ve written five articles (read them here) and I used to publish information on a Twitter account which hardly anyone read because of the restricted reach algorithm that was applied to it shortly after I started it (also known as “shadow-banning”). Ditto for the Facebook page I abandoned a few years ago.


Five articles. A largely inactive Twitter account and a totally inactive Facebook account. That’s it. And I’m being treated like a dangerous underworld criminal.

Maybe I’ve been targeted by an asshole with too much time on his hands who has worked out that I do not entirely practice what I preach when it comes to privacy and surveillance. He’s getting some sort of sick kick out of showing me how easy it is for him to access my home and my computer, making me look like a fraud for promoting privacy in this era of surveillance.

Recently I stumbled across this eye-opening interview by Abby Martin about the Deep Web which may explain why I have made myself a target. The Deep Web contains a small encrypted online communication network called the Dark Web or Dark Net. It is an encrypted space offering anonymised private communication. I wrote about the Dark Net, encryption and anonymising software in my 2015 article and made reference to them (and other methods for maintaining your privacy and freedom) in my very amateur unrehearsed one-take You Tube clip here. Martin’s interview outlines how so-called national security organisations such as the NSA are highly threatened by individuals who develop and promote such methods because firstly, it alerts the public to the ongoing attack on our privacy and freedom and secondly, it gives the innocent public avenues for maintaining their privacy and freedom. Outrageous precedent-setting prison sentences have been handed down to people like Barrett Brown and Ross Ulbricht who have developed and promoted methods for circumventing totalitarian anti-privacy and anti-freedom surveillance schemes imposed by the state. Aaron Schwartz took his own life after being targeted by the US government because he was a  passionate advocate of freedom, specifically, freedom of access to information. He was a brilliant code writer who developed ways to circumvent the requirement to pay for downloading academic journal articles – for which he was indicted. He also developed ways to help people protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which is probably the real reason why he was targeted. Because of his actions the anti-freedom SOPA bill was defeated, and the government eventually targeted him to “make an example” of him. The pressure was too much and on January 11th 2013 Aaron tragically took his own life. In contrast, in Australia the corresponding bill – the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Act 2015 – sailed through both houses of parliament on June 22nd 2015 without even a whimper of protest. Mostly, I suspect, because Australians were too busy checking their Facebook status and uploading selfies to Instagram.

So maybe that’s why someone seems to want to know what I’m up to – because I promote ways of maintaining privacy and freedom, and I give my readers the ability to access the truth. These are the things that are most threatening to the powers that be. In my original article on surveillance I sFreedomhowed my readers how to access methods to maintain their privacy and freedom, and on my Twitter page I gave my readers access to sources who disseminate truth. And because privacy and freedom and truth are antithetical to surveillance and to state-sponsored totalitarian control of the population, it appears that I am now a ‘problem’. If people knew the truth about surveillance they certainly would not be begging the government for more of it to protect them from ‘the terrorists’. As I stated in my 2015 article –

“Spying on innocent people is clearly a pretty lazy, unsophisticated and ineffective approach to national security. Clogging up security storage networks with vast amounts of information on innocent people only hinders an agency’s ability to focus on any actual terrorists due to the massive information management burden it creates. It’s obvious that the extent of surveillance we now deal with on a daily basis is not really about catching “the terrorists” at all.  It’s increasingly about monitoring everyone’s movements. Monitoring what we do, where we go, who we associate with, and most disturbingly it’s about monitoring the flow of information. Recent changes to the policies of government minions Facebook and Google indicate that these corporations have actually taken the next step. They are now controlling the flow of information.”

Since I wrote this passage we have seen the rapid escalation of online surveillance and censorship to prevent so-called “fake news”.  This is what I meant back then by “controlling the flow of information”. In other words, denying access to ‘unauthorised’ information; forcing a particular version of events on people; telling people what ‘the truth’ is; controlling what people can know; influencing what people believe.

It’s a form of mind control.

And that’s what surveillance is really all about. Control. Control of people. Their thinking. Their behaviour. Control of their entire lives. It’s 1984 in action. Surveillance is about keeping the public dumbed-down, fearful, powerless, too afraid to think for themselves, and unable to identify the truth. We used to call it igRebellionnorance or stupidity and it was a much-maligned state of being. But according to my former friends and the shoppers in the regional Woolworths store I was in today, it’s now highly encouraged. In the past we used to make up our own minds about issues. Now groupthink is forced upon us through fear-laden war porn and propaganda from monopolised media outlets, as well as through new phenomena such as social media, “political correctness”, targeted advertising and “advertorials”, and politicised school/university curricula. The intrusion of power-hungry corporations into our lives under the guise of “knowing what’s best for you” because “experts know best” and “the research proves it” is particularly insidious and confusing for most people. I spent many years in academic research and I know damn good and well how easy it is to conduct fraudulent research in order to get the results you want. The non-disclosure agreements that researchers must sign ensure that the public is never alerted to dodgy methodology or “inconvenient” outcomes.

So this is the sad and sorry state of affairs in 2017. As I have discovered, if you dare to step out of ignorance you will be ostracised, treated with suspicion, and potentially become the victim of covert surveillance and harassment. If you want to “fit in” and not draw attention to yourself then don’t think for yourself and always believe what “authorised” sources tell you to believe. Don’t rock the boat and don’t question authority. And above all, don’t engage in any behaviour that even remotely resembles the promotion of freedom and truth.

Is this really the future you want for your kids?




The Panama Papers: The Bigger Picture

I could be wrong. But the current global tax evasion drama has all the markings of a manufactured Problem-Reaction-Solution ‘scandal’ used to manipulate the public for geopolitical gain. Whilst I’m not questioning the quality of the investigation or the facts contained in the leaks, I certainly am questioning important aspects of the leaks. Who leaked this information? What do they have to gain from leaking this information? And why now? After decades of tax-free foundations and offshore tax havens, why bother to alert the public now? As far as I’m concerned the globally-coordinated release of the Mossack Fonseca “Panama Papers” reeks of a well-timed strategic geopolitical manoeuvre.


Do you think it’s a coincidence that here in Australia we are currently in the middle of an emotional class-driven “debate” on tax reform? Do you believe it’s a coincidence that only recently the issue of corporate tax evasion was dangled in front of us by the government? And do you really believe that it’s just a coincidence that Four Corners aired their Panama Papers expose on the same day that the whole scandal hit the headlines globally? See the episode here. The journalists and politicians involved in the Four Corners expose have clearly known about these leaks for months and there has obviously been a planned program of “release” to the public, worldwide. The leaks occurred a year ago so this information has been circulating under the radar for a year, and suddenly they dump it on the public expecting us to believe it’s a fresh new scandal? I don’t buy it. Soros1All throughout the hearings into tax avoidance last year and all throughout the current debate on tax reform, these leaks have been known about by our politicians. And the smoking gun that tells us there is another layer attached to this? Look closely at who is being singled out in the media coverage of the Mossack Fonseca leaks: Enemies of the Western elite. This comes as no surprise when one looks at who funds the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) – the organisation handling the leaks. Open Society Foundations is a major financial backer of ICIJ. It is one of George Soros’ foundations. If you are unfamiliar with George Soros, he has evil flowing through his veins. Like Zbigniew Brzezinski, he can generally be found behind the scenes making strategic moves on the geopolitical chessboard. You can get an idea of Soros’ objectives here. Another backer is the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) – the agency supposedly responsible for administering civilian foreign aid. They’ve been linked to the CIA and you can get an idea of their agenda here. When you dig a bit deeper you find more members of the global elite funding the ICIJ – Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, Rockefeller Family Fund, W K Kellogg Foundation. It’s a veritable who’s who of the global elite. It really does cast a grim shadow on any claims of ‘independence’ made by the ICIJ.

Unsurprisingly, not one prominent American or Israeli is mentioned in the release. However we keep hearing “Putin” and “Assad” over and over, Brzezinskibut when you read the information closely the people involved are associates of Putin and Bashar-al-Assad’s cousin. Putin and Assad are not mentioned once in the release. Guilt by association doesn’t stand up in a court of law but it does stand up in the court of public opinion. And that’s all that matters these days. Mainstream media (MSM) have perfected the art of manipulating public opinion to blindly and unknowingly support global corporate and geopolitical agendas. Most people haven’t got a clue what’s really going on in the world but they certainly can repeat, parrot-fashion,  the op-ed version of every current scandal.

Another example of the real intent behind this apparent “data dump” is that Iceland’s Prime Minister gets a prominent mention in the scandal. Why? Who cares about Iceland for heaven’s sake? Most people are unaware that Iceland recently fought and won against their corrupt central bankers. Most people don’t know this because the MSM failed to report on this significant development in sovereignty. The corrupt bankers were jailed for heaven’s sake but it wasn’t reported in the Western press. The international banking cartel and Western elite don’t want people to know about what happened in Iceland but they most certainly do want revenge on Iceland’s PM for what he did to them. As far as I’m concerned this latest manufactured scandal is a ramping up of the attack by Western elite on their enemies to further implement their totalitarian agenda. It’s just another in a long line of 9/11-style events designed to instil fear and hatred in people. Whenever there is an event like this always ask yourself, cui bono? Who benefits? And take note of the fallout. You’ll eventually see the pattern. It’s NEVER the people who benefit. It’s ALWAYS big government and big business who benefit, and the people ALWAYS lose more of their privacy, freedom and way of life.

RoundTableThe two main avenues being used to achieve this totalitarian agenda are Terrorism and Climate Change/Climate Disruption/Global Warming. Terrorism is the method of choice of the Right, using surveillance and censorship to take our privacy and freedoms. Climate Change/Climate Disruption/Global Warming is the method of choice of the Left, taking our property rights and way of life in the name of Sustainable Development. So they suck all of us in, irrespective of political persuasion. In one way or another we have been primed into believing that we must surrender our rights for the “greater good”. And this latest scandal is a particularly disturbing ramping-up of the elite globalist agenda.

Most people are in debt. Quite a lot of debt. We are feeling the pinch of a contracted economy on the brink of collapse. We are stressed and ripe for emotionally-driven attacks on our already-precarious quality of life. Now that we in Australia have been primed to revile wealthy tax cheats by the recent government/media collaboration on tax evasion, we are now faced with the same problem on a global scale. It’s a bit overwhelming isn’t it? This is the reaction part of manufactured Problem-Reaction-Solution projects. The problem of greedy elitists cheating the good people of the world out of national revenue creates an emotional reaction. And if the last few years of my personal research serves me well, the solution will soon begin to appear in op-eds and talkback chatter all over the Western world.

There’s been rumblings for some time now about a United Nations (UN) global tax. It’s been touted as the solution to tax evasion, but to date there hasn’t been a loud enough cry for help from “global UNGlobalTax
citizens”. Well, hey presto! Here’s the “Pearl Harbour” of tax evasion, folks. Here’s the final straw for those of us in dire financial stress who are sickened by the greed and injustice evidenced by the Panama Papers. The call for global taxation will now have billions of supporters begging the UN to bring “equality” to the planet. Yes, in times of trouble we all turn to a Saviour to ease our worries. And mark my words, the UN is waiting in the wings to implement the final leg of their global Socialist dictatorship. A global tax grid is the final cog in the wheel of Global Governance. Complete control of the world’s people, land and money. Everything. See more herehere and here.

The UN already controls our way of life through planning policies implemented via our local governments. Have you tried to build anything recently? Are you a farmer? Have you tried to get a dangerous tree cut down, legally? Then you’ll know all about UN planning policies. These policies came out of the 1992 UN Earth Summit conference we know as “Rio”. The “Programme of Action” developed from the summit was called “Agenda 21” but it is known by various titles depending where you live. In the US it is generally known as “Local Agenda 21”  or “Smart Growth” or “Smart Cities” but anything endorsed by Bill Clinton’s “President’s Council on Sustainable Development” (PCSD) is an implementation of Agenda 21. You can learn more about Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development here and here.Agenda21
In Australia we have lagged behind the US a little, so the tarnished reputation of Agenda 21 in the US has meant that we do not use that term here. In fact whenever the term Agenda 21 is used by anyone making inquiries about UN policies they are immediately ridiculed as being a “conspiracy theorist” and told “Agenda 21 does not exist“. Well folks, my 348 page printed hard copy certainly exists as does this digital copy here. Examples of Agenda 21 in Australia include “Urban Growth NSW” (more information here), the proposed “stack and pack” developments over Sydney railway stations (see more here) and the proliferation of high density housing along suburban railway lines. Our farmers know all about Agenda 21 through their battles over property rights and water rights. And with other policies such as the 1975 Lima Declaration the UN are progressively destroying strong western democracies in order to “equalise” the world, ie. enforced socialism. The Lima Declaration is a blueprint for the transfer of technology, tools and jobs to developing nations. As a result Australia has lost 90% of our agricultural and manufacturing industries. See more here and here.

So what does all this have to do with the Panama Papers? It shows how the UN quietly bullies its way into our lives in the name of justice and equality only to destroy our way of life for the “greater good”, and the Panama Papers scandal reeks of the type of geopolitical strategy used to justify such UN intervention. Gro Harlem Brundtland and Maurice Strong (dec), Agenda21GreenIsRedthe two driving forces behind the creation of the UN “Sustainable Development” behemoth, have instilled a fierce Socialist agenda at the UN. Volumes could be written about these characters but to get to the point – Brundtland is the former Vice-President of the World Socialist Party (Socialist International) and Strong had close ties to the Canadian Socialist Party and Communist China. Their Socialist/Communist ideals permeate UN policies and practices. Global taxation is simply the feather in the UN cap of socialist Global Governance. The ultimate UN goal of transferring wealth from rich countries to poorer ones will be handed to them on a silver platter if we all call for global taxation.

Do not fall for this propaganda. Educate yourselves on how the media manipulates your beliefs and emotions. Educate yourselves on how forces behind the scenes manipulate world events and sovereign governments. And most of all, educate yourself on the United Nations and what they really stand for. Stop relying on MSM accounts of world events and start including some dedicated independent journalists in your research. Several relevant examples can be found here, herehere and here.

Truth6The following books are highly recommended if you want some insight into the events being played out right in front of our eyes –

  1. “The Rise of Global Governance” by Henry Lamb
  2. “Technocracy Rising” by Patrick M Wood
  3. “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science” by Tim Ball
  4. “The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken For The World’s Top Climate Expert: IPCC Expose” by Donna Laframboise
  5. “Behind the Green Mask” by Rosa Koire
  6. “Cloak of Green” by Elaine Dewar
  7. “Classified Woman” by Sibel Edmonds
  8. “Extreme Prejudice” by Susan Lindauer
  9. “Media Control” by Noam Chomsky
  10. “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays
  11. “Crystallizing Public Opinion” by Edward Bernays
  12. “Manufacturing Consent” by Edward S Herman and Noam Chomsky
  13. “None Dare Call It A Conspiracy” by Gary Allen
  14. “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins
  15. “The Creature from Jekyll Island” G Edward Griffin
  16. “Silencing Dissent” by Clive Hamilton and Sarah Maddison
  17. “Do Not Disturb” by Robert Manne (Ed)
  18.  Anything by Antony C Sutton

Global Governance

Global Governance is a stated goal of the UN. In short it is the dissolution of sovereign nations and their national borders, with the introduction of a global cashless currency and global taxation. And the emphasis is on cashless – see more here.  The creation of the European Union (EU) and their currency, the Euro (€), was one of the first steps towards this goal. The proposed North American Union (NAU) and their currency, the Amero, is the next step. Last year the UN employed the Pope to push its climate change agenda in his Encyclical – see it here. You’ll remember that his solution to climate change was global governance; only a global government can “control” the corporations who are uncontrollably polluting the planet with CO2. Now we have a global tax evasion scandal and you can bet your bottom dollar that global taxation will be pushed as the only solution to “control” these individuals and corporations and their uncontrollable greed. What you need to remember is that tax minimisation in off-shore tax havens is completely legal. The only thing that global taxation will eradicate is the financial freedom of innocent good people like you and me. Just as it was planned to do.

For the sake of our children’s future, please, DON’T BUY IT.

The Silencing of Climate Change Dissent

(UPDATED: OCT 2018)  The politics of climate change hit me square in the face last week. BOOM! Right between the eyes. And I really wasn’t expecting it.

I know that whenever I write about climate change it makes peopleClimateIrony uncomfortable and defensive. It’s a given. All those good people truly believing they are doing the right thing by eagerly repeating the global warming and sustainable development mantras. Truly good people. All without ever doing any actual reading of any literature themselves. Good, but sadly misled. I think the technical term for it is “groupthink”.

Anyways, there I was calmly having an exchange with a “believer” over an article he had written about one of those pesky “deniers”. As usual the article was nothing more than an ad hominem against an intelligent well informed man – this time it was Mark Steyn – who dares to question climate change/climate disruption/global warming propaganda. In the most extraordinary example of doublethink I have seen for a while the article managed to suggest that Steyn shares David Icke’s views on Reptilians whilst simultaneously printing Steyn’s own words that “David Icke is a weirdo“. DavidIckeAnd I do believe that the author actually got away with it. Sheer brilliance. I am familiar with Icke’s work and I came away from the article feeling that Steyn’s reputation had been tarnished and he was forever associated with Icke’s more radical ideas – ideas that require quite a sophisticated understanding of geopolitics in order to comprehend them accurately. Edward Bernays would be so proud. Give the man a medal. Pronto. A mind-blowing degree of deceptiveness heretofore unknown by this little chickadee.

But wait. There’s more. Much more. That wasn’t the thing that smacked me out of my naiveté. After a few exchanges I could feel the obligatory ad hominem on me begin to take form. So I calmly and very adult-like stated that “I don’t engage in back & forth personal attack. I just point people to the info which is confronting to read” (quoted verbatim). I had already supplied information on a couple of very good books which outline climate change fraud, presuming that the author and the online publication who published his article would want to investigate. Because that’s what journalists do. That’s what journalists without an agenda do, anyway. Not so for these people. I soon discovered that I had been blocked on Twitter by this publication. A so-called independent Australian news organisation who “supports quality investigative journalism, as well as citizen journalism and a diversity of voices. It believes Australians are short-changed by the mass media — and so it dedicates itself to seeking out the truth and informing the public” (quoted verbatim from their website). Hmmm. And the next day the same publication posted an article on freedom of speech. PROMOTING freedom of speech. Double hmmm.

These are the types of incidents along the path to wisdom that help us to understand what’s really going on. When you sit back and lazily believe the detritus that spews out every day from the TV and newspapers you don’t have a chance of working it out. But if you actively engage in searching for truth you open the door to epiphanies such as the one I had last week. It was truly a blessing in disguise as it helped me to further get a handle on the disturbing politics of climate change. It’s a subject I care about passionately. Because I’m passionate about the truth. As a child I learned to value the truth.

I grew up in the 60s, 70s and 80s. It was such a great time to be a kid. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) hadn’t yet decimated the education system in Australia so we were raised on a diet of tried-and-tested accurate information contained within a politically-neutral curriculum. We were taught critical thinking and useful life skills. We weren’t propagandised with politically-biased issues and told what to think about them. We were taught to gather the facts, analyse the issues for ourselves and make up our own minds. Freedom of thought was business-as-usual.
Genuine environmental issues such as pollution and deforestation were absolutely not part of the curriculum. Yet we Gen-Xers have been enthusiastically using our recycle bins for decades. How can that be? It can be because we were raised to be thinking individuals. Back then we were taught to have a grip on our sense of freedom and our PollutionPplasticown volition in the world. Even without guidance from the United Nations (UN) we could see for ourselves that filling the world with plastic was not viable.

But UNESCO has put an end to critical thinking and freedom of thought. Gen-Y (Millennials) and Gen-Z (iGen) have been raised on a diet of pro-climate change, pro-sustainable development and pro-humans-are-the-problem-not-the-solution. They are “global citizens” who go to UN-funded and run “Model United Nations” conferences where they are taught that the UN will save the world – with their help. And seeing as most kids are genuinely good-at-heart, they believe it. Because they have to believe it. To give themselves a sense of having a future worth living they have to believe the hype. They are the saviours who are going to fix the misdeeds of their parents. Because the UN said so.
And as time has marched on it appears that some of us Gen-Xers have fallen for this UN propaganda that holds us all responsible for the impending end of the earth. Some of us have been turned into automatons who just repeat, parrot-fashion, that the world is doomed and anyone who questions the “official version” is a traitor to be reviled. And silenced. Without even having a critical thought about the information we are being fed. What went wrong?

I had an appointment recently with an intelligent successful professional Gen-Xer. She apologised for being late, saying that she had a situation at home that needed to be dealt with. She had maggots in the kitchen and her partner told her it was “because of climate change”.

Intelligent and successful.

Maggots in the kitchen.

Climate change.

And apparently we now have climate-induced financial distress, climate-induced war and catastrophic conflicts, a climate-induced explosion in viruses, climate-this, climate-that……it just goes on and on. And on. And very few of us are questioning it. While Al Gore and his already-wealthy cronies are making gazillions out of carbon credits we are all being punished with higher power bills, less property rights, less democratic representation with mega-councils (the first step on the path to global governance) …. all because there is apparently more carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere than before the Industrial Revolution. More of a substance that is essential for life on earth. Essential for the growth of trees. Yes, toxic CO2. The substance that is 4% of what we breathe out every few seconds. The substance that is currently 0.04% of the atmosphere. But they call it “carbon” so people don’t wake up to the fact that they are demonising a harmless, vital substance.

Scientists who have studied geological history know that current CO2 levels of 400ppm MedievalWarmPeriodare much lower than for most of the history of life on earth. Four hundred and fifty million years ago the earth went into an Ice Age when CO2 levels exceeded 4000ppm – more than TEN TIMES the current concentration. Just Google “Medieval Warm Period” and see what you find. Your eyes will be opened when you read some legitimate science.

And have you ever wondered why the media never mention any NATURAL causes of climate change/climate disruption/global warming ? It’s because the organisations tasked with “investigating” climate change/climate disruption/global warming are PREVENTED from finding out if there are any natural phenomena causing the purported disruptions in global climate patterns. Yes, in 1988 the United Nations set up an investigative body called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and their terms of reference SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDE the investigation of natural causes of climate variability. The IPCC publication “Principles Governing IPCC Work”  states that the IPCC will assess –

  1. the risk of human-induced climate change,
  2. its potential impacts, and
  3. possible options for prevention.

Using this limited framework of reference, the IPCC have published so-called “comprehensive” assessment reports in 1990 (with a supplementary report in 1992), 1995, 2001, 2007 and 2014. The sixth report is due in 2022. These incomplete reports areClimateFraud used to determine global responses to climate variability and more disturbingly, they are used to enforce regulations and restrictions on the population. These so-called “comprehensive” reports determine our future quality of life even though none of the reports address naturally-induced causes of climate variability. This is not legitimate science. This is an agenda being imposed on the entire population. The IPCC have deliberately misled the world about the nature and cause of climate variability for a political agenda. And thankfully more and more scientists are waking up to these fundamental problems with “climate science” – see more here, here, here and here

And guess what? Agenda-free scientists have discovered that global temperature patterns vary directly with SOLAR activity.

So temperature is dependent on…. wait for it…. THE SUN!

Who knew???

It’s heartbreaking for me to see good people sucked into this global deception. It’s heartbreaking for me to see intelligent people manipulated by greedy insiders and their bizarre global governance agenda. Whilst we good people suffer restrictive “sustainable development” plans and programs, these wealthy powerful global bureaucrats make even more restrictive decisions based on manipulated data and remain completely without oversight. I remain in awe at how mainstream media has been used to manipulate good people into hating those of us who dare to question the climate change/climate disruption/global warming agenda. The utter demonisation of individuals who dare to do a basic part of science – to question and test hypotheses – is a frightening step in the wrong direction.


That the media have managed to brainwash good people into devaluing an integral part of “doing science” – not to mention an integral part of a free and open society – is very troubling. That so-called “independent” media who claim to support a diversity of voices are also leading the way in demonising those of us who question climate change politics is indeed troubling. It’s an assault on freedom. It’s an assault on democracy. It shows just how powerful those behind climate change politics actually are. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 50 years on the planet, it’s that if a person or organisation refuses to openly debate and defend the agenda they are pushing, and they bully you into accepting their position by ridiculing you for questioning it, it certainly doesn’t pass the sniff test. In other words, something stinks.

But the buck stops with us. We are the only ones who can get off our reality-TV-addicted bottoms and actively search out the truth. Up until quite recently I was a “believer”. But in the course of my own personal research I came across more and more literature telling me that global warming was a hoax. Initially I was very uncomfortable that some ofReadThinkLearn my favourite independent journalists were “deniers”. How could this be? How could he/she get this one so wrong? And then I read some more. And when I came across more information that made me more uncomfortable I read even more. And when the penny finally dropped it rocked my world.

It’s not easy to face the fact that, as George Carlin so eloquently taught us, “the government doesn’t give a f**k about you“. But it’s the truth. A f**k they certainly do not give. It is not a priority of our government to furnish us with accurate unbiased information. See more here. And based on the research I have done over the past few years, it’s even less of a priority for the UN to deliver agenda-free factual information to their “global citizens”.

The politics of climate change really are quite disturbing. My experience last week showed me just how deep the deception goes; how quickly the lid is put on someone trying to calmly, respectfully and intelligently share dissenting information. Those of us who have uncovered the truth really struggle for opportunities to distribute information to the wider ClimateChangecommunity. We put all our efforts into social media and blogspots, struggling to retain followers. However, once Facebook, Twitter, You Tube or Google register that we are disseminating alternative views we have restricted-reach algorithms imposed on us (also known as “shadow-banning”) or we are accused of “fake news” and our accounts are deleted altogether. Some more seasoned and successful researchers manage to build a following of paid-up subscribers which allows them to produce high quality journalism. My hope is that people will start to wake up for themselves; that the outrageous claims now being made in the name of climate change will be enough for my fellow Gen-Xers’ critical thought to kick back in again. When a lie just keeps getting bigger and more outrageous, there comes a point when it becomes so implausible that we can no longer believe it without question. Maybe it’s not maggots in the kitchen, but maybe by the time we have travel restrictions imposed on us (using travel surveillance via your sat-nav) and power restrictions are a daily expectation (using power usage surveillance via your smart meter) whilst multinationals continue to profit from the manufacture of unnecessary planet-polluting products such as bottled water and coffee pods, maybe then people might start to question the reality of climate change.

Maybe then they’ll start to use what’s left of their

critical thought and democratic rights.